How should Browns fans think of the draft

“Now drafting The Cleveland Browns. ” As a football fan those words are usually the time to get up and go to the bathroom or refill your drink but not last night. I can’t believe I am saying this but The Browns had the best draft night out of any team. They were smart with their picks and they ended up with more draft picks even though they drafted 3 times.

With their first pick they took Myles Garrett and man does he look like a stud. When he is coming off the edge he looks like a frieght train and nobody is going to stop him. The fact that they didn’t reach here and go for Mitch Trubisky or Deshaun Watson is huge for them. They have been reaching for Quarterbacks for quite some time now but the finally figured out they need to build a team first before the QB is there.

They then traded their 12th pick to the Houston Texans for a swap to number 25 and a first round pick next year. This was a great move because they weren’t taking Watson anyways so their guy was still on the board at number 25 and they got an addition pick out of it. So then with that number 25 pick they picked Jabrill Peppers and this was brilliant. He is a fantastic playmaker on the defensive end and he is very versatile. He could probably be used in many different positions other than safety.

So as it looked there the Browns had a pretty good draft and then they traded back into the draft with the Greenbay Packers. They gave up pick 33 and pick 108. So they jumped up a few spots but it was well worth it. With the 29th pick they drafted tightend David Njoku from Miami and anybody who watch his film knows that he is a beast. He is a little weak in the blocking scheme but his ability to catch the ball makes him spectacular. He is as fast as a wide receiver but big like a tightend. He is like a hybrid player and he should fit well in here. So to all of the Browns fans out there you should feel pretty good about the draft.

Then in the next day in the second round drafting their QB who is going to have to work for this spot because Cody Kessler is in that starting role right now. You see they finally let the QB come to them instead of them reach severely for one. Deshone Kizer was a great pick for this team. As you see he can improve and maybe watch a little as he learns the system and maybe take over later on in the year and throw to fellow rookie Njoku. Then while Kizer get acclimated to the NFL maybe this young defense can steal them a few games with 3 new rookies including the 65th pick DT Larry Ogunjobi. He hasn’t time to develop as well because Shelton is on the hot seat and needs to perform or Ogunjobi will come in and steal his job. So from what they have done in the past 2 days I give them an A+ grade and things are looking up.


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