NFL Draft First Round Grades

After a crazy first round last night at the NFL Draft, all the speculation is over. It’s gonna be close to impossible to find a mock draft that got the majority of those picks right last night, but now that the picks are in, lets get to grades.

New York Jets, Pick: Jamal Adams, Grade: A

I love the Adams pick at number 6. Adams was by-in-large the best overall player, and I’m quite surprised he fell to six. He is a good all around prospect who should make an immediate impact for the Jets.

Miami Dolphins, Pick: Charles Harris, Grade: B+

While Harris is not a great run stopper, he is a phenomenal pass rush who should scare weak offensive lines. In the AFC East, you’re going to need to put some pressure on Top-Dog Tom Brady, and Harris comes in and does that right away hopefully.

Buffalo Bills, Pick: Tre’Davious White, Grade: A-

Trading out of the 10 spot and gaining a third round pick this year and future first, is always a good return investment. I thought they would take Mike Williams but going to LA, they might’ve needed to regroup. Getting White at 27 to help replace Gilmore, that was the icing on the cake for a good decision made by Bills management. I’m high on White, he reminds me a lot of Aqib Talib and is a safe pick.

New England Patriots, Pick: N/A, Grade B-

I think that Brandin Cooks theoretically being your first round pick is fine. Just concerning if he does not stay here long term, other than that, Cooks is a fine player.

Cincinnati Bengals, Pick: John Ross, Grade C+

I’m not giving the Bengals a C+ for taking John Ross, but I’m giving them a C+ for taking Ross at 9. I think this was a reach and if Ross was the guy they truly wanted then they could’ve traded down.  However they do get somebody to pair alongside AJ Green and a true deep threat.

Cleveland Browns, Picks: Myles Garrett, Jabrill Peppers, David Njoku, Grade: A

The Browns are having a phenomenal draft thus far. They made the right call at 1, a decent pick with Peppers at 25, and I think Njoku falling to them and trading up to get him was a great organizational decision. I feel like Cleveland is my kid and they’ve just grown up, I’m proud of them.

Pittsburgh Steelers, Pick: T.J. Watt, Grade: A

I had Watt going to Pittsburgh at 30, I wasn’t convinced he would fall to them but he did and I think Watts versatility to play inside and out is going to cause havoc for years to come.

Baltimore Ravens, Pick: Marlon Humphrey, Grade: B

I was not wild about Humphrey coming out of college, Alabama corners are not really my cup of tea. I think they’re more physical than true cover artists, however he does address a need for the Ravens so I do like that.

Houston Texans, Pick: DeShaun Watson, Grade: C

I’ll get this out of the way, I do not think Watson will be a good NFL quarterback. Weak arm, mediocre decision making, etc. However Houston really does need a QB to pair with that elite defense, and it is worth a shot. I just think trading up this much was a lot.

Jacksonville Jaguars, Pick: Leonard Fournette, Grade: A-

I think Fournette was the right decision here at number 4 for the Jaguars. Bortles needs to continue to progress and its tough to ask him to do that if he has to throw every play due to a lack of a run game. I like Fournette and what he brings to the table, I think he should have a good NFL career.

Indianapolis Colts, Pick: Malik Hooker, Grade: A

I have no idea how Hooker fell to the Colts at 15, but I’m sure they’re thanking their lucky stars. He fell right into their laps and I had him as a top-ten prospect. I think Indy’s defense just got a whole lot better for the future.

Tennessee Titans, Picks: Corey Davis and Adoree’ Jackson, Grade: A-

I really like both of these players. I had Davis off my board after Mike Williams but I thought he was a good player in his own right. The Titans needed to walk out of the first round with a DB and a WR, and they did just that.

Denver Broncos, Pick: Garrett Bolles, Grade: C

Denver absolutely fills a need with this pick, however Bolles football IQ is not the greatest and I was much higher of Ryan Ramczyk but clearly Denver was not.

Kansas City Chiefs, Pick: Patrick Mahomes, Grade: B+

I think Mahomes has all the tools to be a successful NFL QB if he had the opportunity to sit back and not rush into starting. Insert Kansas City, Alex Smith is getting older and probably will not lead your team to the promise land, thus I really like this pick because he will be able to sit behind Alex for a few more years.

Oakland Raiders, Pick: Gareon Conley, Grade B+

There is a bit of risk associated with this pick but if the off the field issues can be resolved than this a solid pick. However you take quite a risk to acquire a talent like this and if this does not go according to plan, Raiders management is going to have some questions to answer.

Los Angeles Chargers, Pick: Mike Williams, Grade: A-

Good pick here by the Chargers. It almost feels like every year the Chargers receiving core is decimated by injuries so I really like the idea of going out to get an upper echelon wide receiver. Mike Williams’ NFL comp is Mike Evans in my opinion and I think the ceiling is high if Williams can stay healthy.

Dallas Cowboys, Pick: Taco Charlton, Grade: A-

With Watt still on the board this made this pick at 28 a little tougher, however, Charlton really can help the Dallas defensive line get to the QB a lot more frequently this season, so I do like this pick a lot.

New York Giants, Pick: Evan Engram, Grade: A-

Engram was my number 3 TE in this class but for the Giants he should’ve been number 2. Engram is a lot like Mike Evans as well except he is a TE obviously. I liked Njoku but he needs a little time to develop more and Eli is 36 years old and does not have much time left. I like Engram here at 23.

Washington Redskins, Pick: Johnathan Allen, Grade: A+

This pick totally deserves an A+. For whatever reason Allen fell a lot, maybe the shoulder issues. He was guy I was extremely high on in this draft class. Washington can pair him with Ryan Kerrigan and I think that becomes a lethal issues for offensive lines.

Philadelphia Eagles, Pick: Derek Barnett, Grade: B+

While giving up their pick to get Wentz, they got one right back from Minnesota. With getting Barnett they gain a phenomenal edge rusher who I’m very high on and I think that it helps Philly a lot.

Chicago Bears, Pick: Mitchell Trubisky, Grade: D

I absolutely hate what Chicago did. They just got an unproven NFL talent while having to give up a kings ransom to get. The Bears are in rebuild mode, and they shelled out a massive amount of picks to get Trubisky. It’s not that he was a bad pick, it’s just what they had to give up to get him.

Detroit Lions, Pick: Jarrad Davis, Grade: B+

Davis is a player coaches can not stop raving about. The Lions needed an upgrade at linebacker, thus you get this marriage. If he can stay healthy this is a very good pick, and have a surefire LB for years to come.

Green Bay Packers, Pick: N/A, Grade: A-

The Browns gave the Packers an offer they could not refuse thus I really like what Green Bay did and they will open day 2 on the clock.

Minnesota Vikings, Pick: N/A, Grade: C

They essentially didn’t gain much from this. Yeah they have Sam Bradford who hopefully is short term if Teddy Bridgewater can ever return to normal.

New Orleans Saints, Picks: Marshon Lattimore and Ryan Ramczyk, Grade: A

I like Lattimore a lot despite his inexperience however he was able to fall right to the Saints due to the unwarranted hype around QB’s. Ramczyk also is a great pick, he was my second highest graded offensive lineman behind Forrest Lamp so that is a great pick for New Orleans at 32.

Carolina Panthers, Picks: Christian McCaffrey, Grade: A

They made a great call to get Cam Newton some help with this pick. While he is small, McCaffrey can do A LOT. He will be a very versatile player for the Panthers and I think this is a really good move,

Tampa Bay Buccaneers, Pick: OJ Howard, Grade A+

In my mock I had OJ Howard going 18 to Tennessee, but 19 works even better. You give Winston and while you need another RB, Dalvin Cook is a little unsound as a backer so I love this OJ Howard pick who should come in and make an impact right away.

Atlanta Falcons, Pick: Takkarist McKinley, Grade: A+

This is a great fit to go alongside Vic Beasley. They move up to get him and I think when healthy he merits this selection, and moving up was a good upper management decision. Even if McKinley can’t come in and play right away, the Falcons can afford to let him take his time and be healthy. McKinley has a lot of heart and is a great fit.

Seattle Seahawks, Pick: N/A, Grade: A-

They made a good trade in the first round. They need offensive line help and they can still get it in later rounds, so overall a good trade by Seattle.

Los Angeles Rams, Pick: N/A, Grade: D

Unfortunately this is the price they pay for getting Goff who hasn’t shown anything yet, so you have to wonder if he is worth it.

Arizona Cardinals, Pick: Haason Reddick, Grade: A

I’m very high on Reddick, he is a very good linebacker. He is effective on blitzes and also was most likely the best player available. The only knock on Arizona was they wanted a QB, but their choice to open there mouth on wanting QB caused teams to trade past them.

San Francisco 49ers, Pick: Solomon Thomas and Reuben Foster, Grade: A+

They got Thomas at 3 instead of 2 thanks to the Bears idiotic trade. Foster somehow fell to the 31st spot where the 49ers scooped him up gladly. His off the field issues and shoulder are a cause for some concern but San Francisco just walked out of round one with two great prospects.


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