Las Vegas And Sports. – The Deal With The Devil

As a Boston Sports fan it really concerns me when relocation is in topic. Not because I am nervous or scared that something along the lines of relocation will happen to a Strong, devoted bond driven Market like Boston. But more So what relocation can and would do for a team and league. See when you have a market susceptible for relocation the league puts a show to try to “save the team” from leaving. Well that did not happen in the case of the Oakland Raiders & Mark Davis. (he) knew what he wanted and knew he did not want to stay in Oakland. WHY? besides the rat filled- jenga block of  a stadium they have? The fan base was there and always showed up in numbers to the black hole cheering on the team not matter the result so why did Davis do this? Mark Davis could have put the same amount of money up and rebuild either in Oakland or The Greater Metro Area. instead he let a city  with no Major Sports History pay for the majority of the stadium and in turn turned This into a literal high jacking of a Devoted Fan base by a City not known for Team Sports, but Gambling and with this crime being authorized by a league that claims they are not doing it for the money but in the lat 15 months 3 teams relocated – 2 went to the BIGGEST market and the Biggest without a team which is Los Angeles. And Boy I tell ya this sure is a Gamble not only for the NFL , but the NHL too. Bringing Ice Hockey once again to the desert is just a waste of Freaking time. We see how the Coyotes are doing been losing money ever since they relocated down to Arizona. While struggling to find a true identity for the Fan base. I Think The Raiders will have moderate success in Vegas because of the proximity it is to Oakland and also with the Raiders fans being nationwide. But for The Vegas Golden Knights I do not see them filling the arena out every second/third night after the first two months of the season. Hockey is not Meant for the Desert or Florida. With the wasted expansion team pick on Vegas the NHL lost out of true hockey markets in Quebec City and Hartford Conn. and also the Hockey Market that would have been the gem the NHL needed  in Seattle. But no Gary “little Roger” Bettman was once again the greedy man and Picked where he thought would make the most money and that was Vegas. It’s all politics in my eyes and i truly see this as a deal with the devil for the simple fact for years the big 4 Sports leagues shunned Vegas YEARS I MEAN. So now when each of the 4 leagues are growing and making billions especially with the Gambling and the Lines they put out in Vegas its convenient for the biggest and most popular league in the NFL and the league seeing exponential growth in the NHL to Simply Break the code and put a relocation team and expansion team in the Sin City. If the conspiracy theories are rampant now just wait the flood gates will open soon, and when one of those teams “make” the championship game, just know the theories will run wild. I personally do not think games will be fixed with the Vegas teams because if it comes out into the open there is way to much to lose for both leagues, but I will say I do think some fishy stuff will happen, I feel for the People of Oakland they have been robbed not only robbed but brutally Robbed since the Raiders are going to be Lame Duck for at least two seasons. Now for the Golden Knights and their new fans ESPECIALLY to their new fans. Stick with the team and do not take them for granted -you filthy desert people were picked over blue-blood hockey cities and regions. Be grateful and feel lucky. Because like the NHL showed before they do not mind moving a team that is not an “Original Six franchise” (that actually kinda is illegal and impossible to accomplish due to the Bond to the fans, hockey history and also the bond to the cities the OG Six group of teams share.) And for Las Vegas Raiders Fans I am pretty sure once that stadium goes to Sh*t Mark Davis is gonna find a new stadium somewhere better probably in Mexico or something. Both of these moves are nothing but a deal with the devil a greedy showing of no loyalty. Pretty much stating “Hey cities if you do not fork out a billion for a new stadium we will find someone who will.” That is not sports, yes Sports is a huge business now but at the same time sports is sophisticated warfare, sports show what true loyalty is about especially on the fans end. Owners like Mark Davis are cancers to not only the respected sport they own their team in but all sports. Their has to be some level of loyalty and honor the owners must take to make sure they keep their team in the region it started in. one example I always like to say is make the owner be from the city in which he own the team. It promotes more loyalty from the owner side of things. But you know when things become business loyalties tend to weaken if the business is not going good. That is why we need to find more owners who grew up fans of the team who truly love the team and city of which they are from so no matter what they never relocate.  but this is the end of my rant on how the Las Vegas and Sports are just the deals with the devil. hope you enjoyed. All I can say is The sports Markets Like Boston, Chicago , Detroit, New York , and Philly lets be grateful we have loyal owners that are loyal to us to our city and no matter what loves us as much as we love them. But then again Those Cities are where sports practically origniated from so they will always have teams in all leagues and always be history and champonship driven with the loyalty always coming  150% from the owners and fans.


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