The Next King

Giannis Antetokounmpo is the next thing in the NBA. It is truly a shame that he has the hardest name to pronounce and/or spell ever because it will be coming out of everyone’s mouth for at least 15 years. When Lebron’s done, either he or Karl Anthony Towns is the next heir to the throne. For the sake of this article and the fact I had to use copy and paste, I’ll be referring to him as GA. Here are the top 3 reason he is the future face of the NBA.

1. Physical Attributes

GA is 6′ 11″ with a 7-foot wingspan. What the fuck. Saying that just sounds wrong. Jason Kidd has him running a point at damn near 7 feet. Kidd has found a cheat code. This is like when you play 2k and make the most overpowering player possible, perfect for complete domination. As an opposing coach, how do you game plan against that? There is no sensible way to cover him. There has been matchup nightmares before, but none like this. To match his size, you would put a big man on him, right? Nope. GA will run laps around that big man and iso him up every time and go to the hoop. So that means you cover him with a guard to match the speeds? Wrong again. GA is just gonna take him into the post and go at him until he cries “mercy.” So that leaves no one really to cover him. Basically, unless you plan on triple teaming him, he’ll score at will most of the game if he can improve certain aspects of his offense. Which brings me to point number two.

2. His Age

GA is 22 years old. He can barely drink legally. He probably still gets carded at the bar, yet he is about to set the NBA on fire. In his first four years, he’s only gotten better. In just about every category you can think of, his numbers are steadily rising, while he is also continuing to shoot better from the field every year. If he can stay even with the number he averaged this year or even improve on what was a phenomenal season, there is zero reason why he shouldn’t be an All-Star every year and maybe finish with a few MVPs when it’s all said and done. At 22, he already started his first All-Star game. The Bucks know they have a special talent. Major props to whoever in the front office decided to sign him to a 4-year extension.

3. The Situation

I could not imagine a more perfect situation for GA. He is already the leader of his team and is surrounded by potential talent everywhere. If they stick together, he and Kris Middleton could be a deadly 1-2 punch for years. He has the second best fresh coach in the league in Jason Kidd (Brad Stevens is number one, don’t @ me). Kidd knows how to thrive in this league. If Kidd can teach the kid for two or three more years before his coaching career implodes, it’ll do GA wonders. Kidd is a no bullshit type of coach and I can appreciate that. He benched GA earlier this year and the kid said he had to google Kidd to see what he did in the league. He has already shown when he’s hit with bright lights and media members, he handles it well and shows a touch of comedy as well. In Milwaukee, there are no expectations for GA and the rest of the Bucks. No one is saying the Bucks are the next dynasty, but maybe they should, because there is a chance of him leading teams to multiple championships before he hangs them up.

There is nothing stopping Giannis Antetokounmpo from being great, besides maybe himself and of course injuries. Health permitting, he could go down as the one of the greatest to ever play. He is a walking mismatch in a great situation. Bandwagoners, if the Warriors are no longer doing it for you, hop on the Milwaukee train soon, because once this kid blows up, there’s no telling what he can accomplish.

Isaac Fox



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