On To Washington.

Yea MothaF***kasssssssss. That is honestly the first thing I can think to say, and honestly if you don’t like it oh friggin’ well. Because I’m ESTACTIC! And you all won’t ruin this parade at all. This  also wont be an article praising how the Celtics are a strong team for overcoming the difficulties. NO. This is a opinionated preview of a series I truly have been hoping for coming into the playoffs, which I also think could be the most Physical and Bad-Blood Feauded Series this postseason. Washington is a team I put on the kaka list when John Wall and Crowder got into that little titty-fight a couple of months ago. OK no I am not really hoping we matched with Washington to see some fights even though that was a little part of it. What really peaked my hope for this to be a match up  was the upcoming John Wall – Bradley Beal Vs Isaiah Thomas – Avery Bradley – Marcus Smart Troop with the help of the New playoff shining light in Terry Rozier who came up big a couple of times last series. I mean we all know John Wall is most likely going to be unstoppable especially if matched with Thomas. Heres the thing though The Celtics do not need to stop him they need to contain him. Its ok if he scores 35 a game this series I am ok with that! John Wall is finally the player he was supposed to be straight out the block when he go drafted. So I fully expect him to take it into another level these playoffs! But if the Celtics Smart and Bradley in particular can prevent him from getting those assist then we have a ball game, in which the Celtics could chose to contain the rest of the Wizards. Right now John Wall is averaging 10.3 assist Way more than the second place player which is 2.8 coming from an aged Brandon Jennings who comes of the bench. This number alone just shows you how Wall’s versatility is what runs Washington’s Team, (yes Beal averages 25.8 – 3.7 – 2.2 stat line but he is a non factor compared to Wall.) But could very well also be their downfall. If the Celtics shut down Wall’s passing ability this could lead to a disruption of roles and who’s to dish out to who because Men lie Women lie but the Numbers do NOT. and the numbers are saying that after Wall this team is a mediocre if that at best in the passing department. This team is also mediocre at best at rebounding which if Boston can repeat and bring the game they brought after game two of the last series, I truly think Boston can out man and overweamingly exploit Washington. Even if you bring it out to a one on one game with each match-up, Boston has an advantage I do not care what you say! Crowder and Johnson are way better than Morris, Oubre Jr. , and Porter. This is a fact I will stand by all series long any of those three players WILL have trouble with Crowder and Johnson, Hell even Olynyk might give them trouble. Brown will need to step up if he wants to be a factor for the Celtics and  If Gerald Green keeps up this game he’s hooping then Washington you do have a problem that not even Harry Potter can poof away. As for Centers Horford is exceeding talent Gortat could not dream of so I am not even going to continue. Like earlier in the article when I stated Wall’s passing needs to be shut down I truly hope you did not think this would be an understatement as it is not. All of these players I listed need Wall’s passing to play and to do the things they do on the offensive, This team lives and breathes by John Wall. Cutting the head of the Chicken makes it run Frantically and that should be the Motto The Boston Celtics take into this series and run by it. If not I see this thing sinking quicker than the titanic (sorry still can’t compare huh.?) Washington can be deadly on the perimeter with Bogdanovic, Jennings , Beal, Wall and company but that should not be a problem for the Celtics as they have a great defense and can match just about any team on the Three point shooting. Once again like I said earlier rebounding will be up in the air with an “If Boston shows up or not” Mentality on the boards and truly throughout the whole series. The point im trying to make is that if Boston comes and shows up from the gate unlike last series, then this is a great series in the making. Physical, and rough is what we are going to see from these two teams and I cannot lie I’m excited. As for My Pick for the series.. Its going to have to be Boston in five but anything can happen this can be a true see-sawing series that can even be more dreadful to watch than the first two games of round one. But like always I’m Positive and Hopeful The Celts take out Washington to Move on against Cleveland (95% sure.) Then hopefully I can write about that in a week or so. Well its that time! Once again its Nino on the keyboard and I hope you all enjoyed. as the quest for 18 Continues.

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