Mookie Betts Was Intentionally Beaned and No One Can Convince Me Otherwise

In the 6th inning of the game against Baltimore Monday night, we saw what probably most of us expected to see and that was someone getting nailed by a pitcher. However, this time it just so happened to be Mookie Betts who had nothing to do with any of the shenanigans that went on in Baltimore.

One thing that pissed me off was listening to the announcers instantly say that Bundy didn’t intentionally hit him. Like no wonder why ESPN is tanking because they have shit analysts broadcasting games. How can you instantly come to the conclusion that it was unintentional? For starters you must not have seen what went down in the last series because that alone is reason for me to believe it was intentional. But it isn’t the only reason.

If you look at the sequence of pitches, besides the two that were on the outside part of the plate, everything was pitched inside. And when I say inside I don’t mean like catching the inside part of the plate. I mean WAYY inside with inches between the ball and player. Then on the THIRD STRAIGHT pitch inside, Bundy finally nailed Mookie. He missed in the same exact spot as the previous pitches except this time he got Betts.

A common argument is that it wasn’t on purpose because it brought the tying run in Hanley to the plate. Well yeah it did and Hanley had been hot but how Bundy was pitching during the game, there was really little concern in the possibility of Hanley tying the game. And even if he did, it would be a tie game not a walk-off homer to win the game. That argument is shit to me.

Mookie Betts was definitely drilled on purpose and if you don’t think he was then get your head out of your ass. Expect for this to now carry into tomorrow’s game between the Red Sox and Orioles. I can’t wait!


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