When do the Early Season “Excuses” Stop?

One common rebuttal of a team struggling early in the season is that its “too early” to come to any conclusions. Heading into the first week of May with a whole month of baseball played, when do the “its too early” excuses end for the Red Sox?

With bad blood being renewed when Baltimore came to town to play Boston, you thought for sure that the Red Sox would be all fired up especially with the events that went down in Baltimore the last time they played. Well if you thought that, like I did, you were wrong and it apparently had the opposite effect on the play of the Red Sox as they were awful tonight.

Pretty Ricky gave the Red Sox everything they needed to get a lead, allowing only 2 runs through 6 innings pitched and got exactly ZERO runs of support…. AGAIN! The Red Sox would finally get two runs across in the 8th inning after finally being sparked by Mookie Betts getting beaned (which is a another debate) but lost 5-2 to the Orioles.

Aside from tonight, it seems like some common themes for the Red Sox have been bad defense and bad offense. Defensively, the Red Sox committed four errors again tonight and through the first 25 games they have committed 23 errors, which is a record for that time span. Offensively, with names like Xander Bogaert, Mookie Betts, Mitch Moreland, Hanley Ramirez, etc. you would expect a lot of runs and specifically a lot of homeruns. It has been the complete opposite as runs are scarce and they are the worst team in baseball when it comes to hitting bombs. Yes, not having Big Papi is huge but it is time to move on from that and figure out how to win and get offensive productivity back up.

Everyone, including broadcasters, are always saying this offense will begin to click just wait. Well how long do we fucking wait? When do we stop using the excuse that it’s too early in the season and realizing, “Hey, we may have problems here.” It stretches to every aspect of the game. Pitching has been very average besides Sale, hitting is non existent and fielding is the worst it has ever been.

Consistency is key if you want to be good and I don’t see that from the Red Sox at all. One night they will shell a pitcher for 6-8 runs and then the next night they will get shutout.

I think it’s time to retire the excuse of being too early and realize we may have a problem on our hands that needs to be addressed NOW!

With all that said, GO RED SOX!


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