Chris Sale Needs To Drill The First Prominant Batter He Sees Today


Mookie Betts was hit on purpose yesterday. That’s a fact. The pitcher set up the play with an outside slider then he dotted Betts on the hip. If you think that was an accident you’re a moron, sorry. Betts is an absolute Oriole serial killer too, and that isn’t a by chance that he took 97 on the hip. They took a swing at Betts, now you take a swing at them. 

Sale is without a doubt the most loved player in Boston right now. ESPECIALLY, with the dumb Pedroia comments lately. Sale, if he wants to rise from most beloved player to absolute god status, he’s gonna rip a high 90’s fastball into the rib cage of someone prominant on the Orioles. 

I love that they hit Betts last night, and I love that they didn’t start crying and saying sorry after the game for it. I love it a billion times over. That’s baseball, man. That’s old time hardball. With that dotting of Betts last night, the Red Sox will be noted as the most soft team in the MLB and rightfully so. The game needs more of this. The game needs more Buck Showalters who will defend their players and get back at those who take swings at his guys. Now the Red Sox need someone like that. Sale is going to be that dude. 

Chris Sale is a stud, through and through, and seems like the kind of guy that would run into the opposing dugout to slap Machado silly if he said anything to him after slow trotting the bases. This team needs a leader that cares about the Red Sox and not about the mutual feelings on the other side of the field. 

The orioles targeted Mookie Betts last night, which is (again) fine, but if you let that go you’re missing out on your chance at reviving hardball and showing that your team isn’t a bunch of absolute cotton balls.   

Just need to see this look out of Sale tonight…



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