Save The Racist Talk, Bostonians Do Not Have Time For It.

I , Jose-Nicolas E. will first and foremost say I am Disgusted with what that fan or group of fans have done to Adam Jones.

 I for one am not a fan of Jones but I will say this I am not a racist nor do I accept racism or racist remarks, I come from a multi- cultural family. My family is Dominican Puerto Rican mix ( Just a bunch of platano eating boricuas is what my father says.). So my views are coming from a minority mindset, and this is what I am going out on the limb to say BOSTON IS NOT A RACIST SPORTS CITY ANYMORE. 

 Yes I a Minority has gone out the way to say this. Yes I am typing this right after a fan threw a p-nut at Jones and yelled a racial slur to him. Yes I know The Red Sox were the among the last teams to integrate, The Fans rioted, Racial Slurs are thrown (so were rocks.) and opposing players of many teams that are of a minority skin color do say Boston is known for this, I think we as a city majority has grown out of this horrible filthy embarrassing stigma. Yes I might be biased because Boston is my city and The Sox are my team. But truly I really mean it from naming the Bridge David Ortiz “Big Papi” Bridge to having murals of Reggie Lewis in Dorchester.

 We as a city have grown out of this. Of all my years living in Boston Not once has a White fan looked at me and said something derogatory even after I have provoked (in some incidents.) I do not believe the Majority in Boston is racist anymore. Times have changed Boston is More liberal and Taxachusetts is too.

 We as a city have grown out that 10-mid 80’s Reputation. Especially embracing 90’s stars in Pierce and Walker to begin with then extending to Ortiz, Ramirez, Martinez, Rice , Horford , Thomas and many others that will take a long time to type, time I do not have. What happened last night hurt me dearly not as a sports fan or humanist, Nor as a minority. But as a Bostonian. Shame on the person who did that after all we have been through as a city. After Ortiz’s speech. After we cheered so loudly for many of Boston’s Finest who were of a minority. Shame on fucking you man.

 I would have gotten banned along with the fucker, I would have kicked his ass there. When the security came they better come along and get a few kicks in because if they tried to stop me they would have gotten a kick to the head. And how my folks say down over in Fields Corner. “Thats on dogs yo.” I do not condone violence for many if at all any actions but Racism especially Racism coming from a Boston fan (who better have not been homegrown.) in 2017 – That deserves a good Ol Boston Ass-Whooping. Not Chelsea, Not Lawrence, Not the South Shore or North Either, but a Boston one. 

In my years of going to games and remembering them with my Father ( Who is of Xander Bogaerts’s complexion if not a shade lighter .) never had a problem or racist remarks Never. Now you very well can argue that we might not have been attacked verbally or physically because of our allegiance with the home team.  Nor will I ignore the argument of “Oh Boston Fans only tolerated the minorities because they were greats for us they played for us.” Bullshit as a racist you are one no matter what. 

If I was racist I don’t care how many rings Tom or Ortiz has gotten us I would hate them. Well too bad I am Not racist and I am A Boston Fan, I do not tolerate that bullshit. Nor Does the Majority of Bostonians. I know the cities racist past, everyone does I will never forget nor deny it. But we have persevered over it. With sadly 2013’s edition of the Boston Marathon being the proof of the cities togetherness no matter what and no matter what color your skin is or where you are from. SO yes this is a sad moment, There is no condoning it. But one thing is for sure every team’s fanbase has it and so does every city. I just do not like nor appreciate Boston being the scapegoat to racism in Sports just because of our troubled past. Especially in North America  the critics of Boston Sports just stop bringing up the past when the Majority has tried its best to stop it. It happens to every team’s city. Our love for Minority players have been shown on air multiple times ( Remember all the random People in KGs ESPN doc about him joining The Celtics yelling I Love You,  to him walking down the street.) has been shown and proven do not let the bad apples sour you up. Do not let it give you an excuse to hating Boston. 

I earlier tweeted Jones was trying to escalate the situation. Let me clear up what I meant as “The Situation.” The Situation was The Barnes and Mochado issue which has now dubbed this a new rivalry. That was the situation I was talking about so to all those fellow Minorities who I do share the same ancestry story as you, that sent not only INSULTS but also DEATH THREATS to me THAT was the situation. 

Now to the White People that did the same Congrats for standing up but Your just as bad for judging someone by their appearance as I will say but am depressed to.. I am Fucking lucky to be a lighter shade in America. This topic is not about sports it’s about preserving the new reputation of Boston a more free and loving rep. I am hurt and disgusted not only by the action of the moron or the non action by fellow fans. Or the hate I received from a misinterpreted tweet. But  like I said before by it happening in Boston post 2000. As a solution to the problem I challenge all Bostonians and Fans alike to nip the racist hurtful tone of talk. But to Nip it completely.  Use other words. Why not just describe him as an Asshole?  Too many times our Beloved Fans Let a rival team get to us to the point they yell out the words of hate. (still saying sorry Subban.) But these bad Apples should never reflect how this city is one heartbeat.

 Walk through downtown Boston you see more interracial couples and friendships you see it all. Come During the Marathon you see the Love. And from what I have seen and heard The National Black lives Matter Marches that go on in Boston are safe and non-violent compared to other cities around the US and world. which brings me to the last major argument that can be thrown toward me ” If Ortiz or a minority player knelt for the National Anthem they would be demonized.” No once again the sour apples like in every fanbase will but the logical non racist ones will rationalize instead of using hateful speech, like what happened to Kapernick. Just like the San Fran fans did. SO please sit your critic ass down.

Boston Is not A racist Sports city anymore.

The Second part of this post is a little personal.. I and many other people I know or are friends with have said The word in question not with the ending ER but A. I cant say I am ashamed or I am proud of saying it. I’ve said it too Dominicans , Asians, Blacks , Whites , Cats , Dogs and many other items and things. But I am not a racist nor are my friends are who are Black, White , Asian , West Indy – you get the point. I can speak for my friends because I do not linger in an environment of racism and hate. It is that it’s just so prevalent and accepted in our society we use it as our lingo especially in Dorchester, Malden Etc. We as a people need to find other words to describe Persons, places, or things than the vulgar we use today. You can give me hell and all the arguments in the world for condemning me a lighter shade man of saying a word that has a slave past that was used to describe my ancestor. Shame on me I know this but shame on us for letting this world get like this. I was raised around the word and I was raised around a lot of things that can make people grimace but I am not a product of my environment so using that excuse is just plain horse shit, So we must challenge ourselves because folks either we forget the past of the slang words we use or we stop using them all together. Weather the Person that said it was black or not it’s not correct nor right to say it. Especially in a hateful way, What if the guy that said that was black? He should have still gotten thrown out. His ass beaten and all of they above I stated in the first part. My Boss was attacked verbally because of a comment He truly meant no harm by saying because he was right “if a black guy did it everyone will say oh well. no big deal.” Well World it is. Joe you are right the media would not have been going crazy as they are now. So when I challenge you all for this change lets all do it, for us for the Humanity of sports and athletes even if they make boatloads and for everyone in between. Sports is sophisticated war-fare but lets not be ignorant fucks even if they are our rivals.


you can hate me for this post call me names or whatever but still know one thing 


find any excuse to hate on Boston and Its Sports. But Find Every excuse to stop racism especially in 2017, going onward

I make a promise to my friends to change my vernacular even if it does not offend them nor their parents. As I associate with people who tend to say everything on their mind as myself. but I also Challenge them too to change. Adam Jones I aplogoize once again for that bastard. even though you are a rival you do not deserve that you deserve more human respect. Sports respect no. Human being personal person respect.. Yes

ps even though I did Mauy Thai I dont think I could kick secruity’s butt I was just venting.

ps my pops for those who consitently tell my im trying to be black.



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