The Red Sox and Orioles have are going to have beef the rest of the season. I will always love the old Red Sox/Yankees rivalry, but that fire is barely burning right now. We aren’t even thirty games into the season, and tension is high.

I respected Machado as a player, but I’m done with his ass after the rant he had. Literally had to trade him from my fantasy baseball team so I wouldn’t have to see him on my roster.

Here is what i have to say about the beaning of Mookie, and the Sales pitch behind Machado. When Mookie was hit, the catcher was set up outside. Everyone dismissed the intentional beaning for this reason. Fact of the matter is Bundy missed his spot by four feet on the opposite side of the plate. Since my freshman year of baseball in high school to my senior year of baseball in college, we were taught as pitchers that if your are throwing away, you miss away, if you are throwing in, you miss in. Leon was set up inside and sale missed very inside. Whether he did it on purpose or not, I don’t care and we will never know.

I want to call out Machado’s arrogant ass for what he said after the game for the one reason being, that if Mookie had said that bout the Orioles the night after he was hit, Machado would be bitching about it. The guy has no class and ran his mouth like a damn fool. He has lost my respect.

Chris Sale’s reaction after the game, “Whatever man. I’m not losing sleep tonight.” Chris “tough as nails Sale” is already a leader for this ball club. He doesn’t lead with words but actions, which means a fuck of a lot more to me.

It helps that he pitches pretty well too I guess. He is only 2-2 in 45.2 innings pitched with a fucken 1.38 ERA. Rick Porcello won 22 games and took home the CY young last year with a 3.15 ERA. If Sale had pitched for the Red Sox last year, I bet we would have seen the first thirty game winner since 1968. Oh he also has an MLB leading 63 strikeouts, 17 more than the next leader, Lance McCullers. Chris Sale is just pretty damn good.

It would be great for the Red Sox to take these next two games from Baltimore and put them half a game back of the Orioles, but I’m just hoping for the offense (besides Hanley) to figure it out.

I would be ignorant to exclude the racism that Adam Jones received. Who knows who the fucken assholes were that would say racial slurs and throw things at another human being. Adam Jones is a class act and a great ball player, USA world baseball classic hero may I add. Regardless, no human should have such things said to them. I’m glad the fans in attendance last night gave him the support with the standing ovation, and Chris Sale, not one to hesitate between pitches or batters, gave them and him, the time soak it in. Those fans are not Red Sox fans i know or want to know. That isn’t what fans of the Red Sox, or the people of Boston are about, and I hope Jones knows that.

I truly do hope, that the rest of the MLB players and managers alike, realize that it is not the Red Sox causing the problems, it’s Machado. Hell, maybe we will see other teams get into conflict with him later in the year, and I wouldn’t mind that one bit.

Benches will clear between the teams before this season is over, if not before this series ends.


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