Boston Proves Classy, Machado Proves the Opposite

It’s game two of the series. After getting completely embarrassed in game one, the Red Sox had a lot to prove. Multiple errors, letting their star get drilled in the thigh and racist comments by fans put Boston in a big hole with still three games to play. However, Boston came back perfectly.

It started with the first at bat by Adam Jones. Boston fans showed who they truly are by giving Jones a standing ovation. As much as he may aggravate Sox fans, there’s no denying his talent. He did also help win the first ever World Baseball Classic for the U.S. The guy should get praised for his dedication to the game and Boston showed that the few exceptions is not truly what the city is about. Fans of this city love getting on opposing players, but it should never be because of race. This was the correct response by the fans, and this was the best response they could have had.

The next positive sign came from Chris Sale. The undisputed team MVP so far this season took the mound in his most important start in a Red Sox uniform. This was the chance to prove he is a team leader in the club house and show his veteran status. For Sale however, it almost seemed like a lose-lose. If he drills Machado, he is unnecessarily throwing at the same player they threw at and missed just games before. He also risks a very likely ejection if he does end up beaning him. If Sale doesn’t do anything, he loses respect in the locker room. Being an ace, he is expected to be a team leader and stand up for his teammates, something even Dustin Pedroia hadn’t done. Sale found the perfect solution to this. Throwing behind Machado was brilliant. He got a warning, but since he didn’t hit him it wasn’t enough for an ejection. Chris Sale didn’t mean to hit Manny. He purposely missed him to send a message. He got his point across without risking injuring anyone. Perfect move by Chris Sale who ended up dominating the rest of the game and picked up a win.

Then there was the Manny Machado rant. Obviously, Machado took exception to getting thrown behind for a second time in three games.He went on a post-game rant that could go down as one of the better ones in years, dropping 12 “F-Bombs” while saying he had “lost all respect” for the Red Sox organization. Well it looks like Manny has to man up. What else do you expect when you spike another teams veteran leader and then your pitcher drills another guy the next night? He then went on to explain that he had a bat and could “crush someone”. Classy move Manny. For a guy that didn’t even get hit to threaten to go after someone with a bat is absurd. Not only that, but then he complains he’d get suspended for a year. I’m not a lawyer but I’m pretty sure beating someone with a bat would be considered assault with a deadly weapon. That normally lands people over a year in jail, forget about a year off from baseball. Sure aiming at his head was not what should have happened, and Machado originally responded the right way by hitting two home runs in the first two games of the series. However threatening to charge the mound with the bat seems pretty classless if you ask me.

This rivalry is really starting to heat up now. Even though both don’t throw particularly hard it’ll be interesting to see if one of these pitchers retaliate. Kevin Gausman and Drew Pomeranz take the mound tonight. First pitch 7:05 pm


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