Dear Dombrowski, Marco Hernandez can’t play 3B


The Red Sox officially lead the MLB in errors this season with 25, and we can stop using the early season rust excuse. Of the 25 errors so far this season, Pablo and Marco make up for 10 of them, clearly the hot corner has been an issue. Rutledge added another error tonight at 3B following his entrance into the game for Marco Hernandez, who injured himself doing what he does best; misplaying the baseball. This seems like I’m taking my Sox frustration out on Marco, but I’m not, I actually happen to think he is a great player, just a horrible excuse for a 3B plug-in. What I am frustrated with is Dave Dombrowski. He put all his eggs in the overweight basket that is Pablo Sandoval as the answer at the 3B, all while trading away Travis Shaw for a relief pitcher who has yet to make an appearance this season, so good going on that one. I get the idea of trying to acquire bullpen help, it was needed, I mean we got Carson Smith who is recovering from Tommy John at a grandma-like pace. That being said, Travis Shaw is NOT the player to give up, because now you are left with this disgraceful shit hole that is third base for the Boston Red Sox. However Dombrowski could totally redeem himself is he goes out and acquires a third baseman because God knows we need help, Pablo can’t be trusted to stay away from donuts, and if I see Marco Hernandez back up to field another ground ball at third base, I will throw up. For God’s sake Brock Holt can’t hit shit but I trust him more at 3B than Pablo who I will give credit to on the fact he lost all that weight, however he did put it right back on, so much for getting my hopes up. So now that all of the third-baseman are dead and Brock Holt is just back from vertigo, Dombrowski please, we need help.

Side Note: I know they have Chase d’Arnaud, and his bat is virtually non-existent, he has a .245/.317/.335 career batting line, HOWEVER he does bring the ability to play defense everywhere but I’d like my 3B to hit for a little higher average than that.

At this point I’m even down for a Rafeal Devers call up and just see what he can do, hopefully he is the answer at the hot corner cause I’ve got none.


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