Do the Celtics stand a chance? Not Likely.

The Celtics expanded their lead to 2-0 against John Wall (40 points, 13 assists in Game 2) and the Washington Wizards, while Isaiah Thomas dropped 53 points on 33 field goal attempts.  But when does the run end, or will it end?  At this point in the playoffs for Boston, it is easy to feel good about their chances to continue through the playoffs after being down 2-0 to the eighth seeded Bulls and storming back to win to the series 4-2. They have continued their success so far by winning the first two in Boston, and now travel to Washington for a chance to take a commanding 3-0 lead.  Many seem to forget who will likely be waiting for the one seeded Celtics should the two teams advance; LeBron James and the deep Cleveland Cavaliers, supported by Kyrie Irving and Kevin Love.

Face it Celtics, no way you beat the defending champs in a 7 game series.  We can sit here and talk all day about LeBron James and his success in the playoffs and his 6 straight finals appearances, but I don’t think LeBron is the reason in this case.  The Cleveland Cavaliers are deep, and despite falling to the #2 seed in the East, is the team to beat in the Eastern Conference hands down.

Like the great Kevin Garnett said of course “ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE”, so many fans will still “believe” for the time being and say we can beat anybody. Even if the stars align and the Celtics knock off the Cavaliers, we don’t even need to begin to talk about the freight train heading straight for them in the NBA Finals in the Golden State Warriors, so to avoid that topic all together, we will chalk up to the Celtics winning this current series against the Wizards in say 6, and then getting chewed up and spit out against the Cavaliers in 5.  At the conclusion of their playoff run, it’s on to the offseason where they can ponder some more as to why they didn’t try and trade for a player such as Jimmy Butler to support Isaiah Thomas.


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