IT’s Not Time to Relax

The Boston Celtics won Game 2 against the Washington Wizards Tuesday night, 129-119 in overtime, to take a 2-0 lead in the series. The Celtics are on a six-game tear and haven’t lost since going down 2-0 to Chicago in the first round. If that round showed you anything, don’t lay off the throttle.

Isaiah Thomas dropped 53 last night in a heroic performance, second off the Celtics single game playoff record. Toward the end of the game, Isaiah couldn’t miss even if he tried. He got fouled by Markieff Morris at the free throw line, double pumped and somehow managed to throw it over his head and in. This performance was a “rafter performance.” Those classic Celtic games that put a player in the conversation for their number to be retired. This was that game for him and if he stays in Boston for at least five more years, we will look back on this game as the one that solidified him as Boston legend. And it was his sister’s birthday. She would’ve been 23. That’s playing from the heart. Isaiah’s post game interview with David Aldridge had everyone a little choked up. You could hear the lump in Isaiah’s throat when he said: “once I leave this gym, I go back to reality and my sister isn’t here.” That’s real. I love Isaiah for being real with everyone and I think the whole city of Boston is attracted to him because of it.

The Celtics now lead 2-0, but I have had worries with both of these victories. The Celtics won four in a row in the first round after being down 2-0, so I don’t think they’ll lay off like the Bulls did. Both games, the first quarter didn’t look good. They allowed 38 and then 42 in the first quarter, then had to play catch-up the rest of the game. I’m totally okay with them taking a big lead and not making me worry the rest of the night. Maybe it’s their DNA to make these big comebacks and win close ones on grit, but I can go a game or two without it. Last night’s fourth quarter was also a little worrisome. The offense looked stagnant from the 5-minute mark until a minute and a half was left when Isaiah came back to life. It’s hard to critique a good team win, but some things can stay in Boston in these next to games on the Nation’s Capitol.

The Celtics have the capability to steal one on the road from the Wizards. They won three road games last series and have shown no trouble matching up (when Amir Johnson isn’t playing). Marcin Gortat has killed the Celtics on the offensive glass and I think Brad should just but Al Horford on him and let them battle the whole game. If Al gets fouls, deal with it then, but don’t be scared to get in a situation to worry. John Wall has looked incredible so far, looking like the second best point guard in the NBA (behind IT). If he can get a second scoring option for the rest of the series, the Celtics are in trouble. They can stop one scorer, but two is a different story. Beal is having good games, but if they get that second legitimate scored option, that’s when a problem will arise.

This year’s Celtics are different than past teams. They have a grit that I don’t see anywhere else in the NBA. They all give one hundred percent effort, whether its game 1 of the regular season or a would be game 7 of a playoff series. They have the drive to win, and for how far it will take them, that remains to be seen, but as of right now, Washington stands no threat.

Isaac Fox



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