Boston, Enough is Enough

Can we please put this fake rivalry between the Red Sox and Orioles to rest?  Can we please read the rule for illegal contact that allegedly occurred on the night of April 21, 2017 by Orioles third baseman Manny Machado with Red Sox second baseman Dustin Pedroia:

If a runner does not engage in a bona fide slide, and initiates contact with the fielder for breaking up a double play, he should be called for interference. A bona fide slide is defined as beginning before the base, attempting to reach the base with hand or foot, attempting to stay on the base after the slide, and not changing direction of the slide so as to make contact with the fielder.

Then after reading the rule and watching the clip of the said “illegal” slide, I realize that Machado did not begin to slide after the base, used his foot, and tried to stay on the base in a normal sliding motion (his foot hit the bag and popped off, I guess that hasn’t ever happened to any of you before).  After the slide Machado tried to catch Pedroia and then went over to console Pedroia and make sure he was not injured, did any Red Sox fans see that? Or are they so enraged by the fact that a player inadvertently slid through a base, on a play that wasn’t close to being a double play (your kidding yourself if you think that Pedrioa would of been able to turn two there no matter how the slide was performed).

Then comes the retaliation, 5 times they threw at Machado, 5!  They failed to hit him all of the attempts(which really shows the Red Sox pitchers have fantastic accuracy). Mookie Betts gets drilled in between some of those beaning attempts on Machado, which to me, since the slide wasn’t dirty in the first place is where the reataliation(s) should of ended. Nope!  Last night after giving an awesome show of support for the racial comments made by some idiot Red Sox “fans” the game before, the crowd gave a standing ovation to Adam Jones; then the very next at bat Chris Sale throws a pitch behind Machado. On the very next at bat!?!?  Wow Boston Red Sox organization, just wow.

You can look at the slide anyway you want, but you won’t convince me that it wasn’t hard played baseball by two division opponents with no intention of injury.  Machado’s rant last night was warranted, when will this stop?  What does Machado have to do to prove he wasn’t intentionally trying to hurt Pedroia?


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