One arm catcher!?

For anyone that knows baseball, catching can be one of the more taxing positions in the game, with all the equipment, the wear and tear of catching every pitch, the shuffling around and blocking in the dirt.  All of the above make it tough, but how tough is it really?  Apparently not tough enough for one 14 year old middle school kid in Cornersville, Tennessee.

Luke Terry is a catcher, 3 hole hitter in the lineup for the Cornersville Middle School baseball team in Tennessee, which seems self-explanatory, right?  The “catch” is Luke only has one arm.  It would appear hard enough for someone to have only one arm and play baseball, or any sport for that matter, and Luke seemingly defies all odds and straps on all the equipment each game as if nothing is holding him back.

At 19 months, Luke was diagnosed with E. Coli, which eventually led to him losing his right arm.  But as his teammates and parents know from witnessing his activity and leadership, that doesn’t stop the 14 year old, nor does he want the attention or make excuses.  Not only playing baseball with his friends, Luke is also known as a hard worker around the family farm, which has over 100 cattle.

To many times these days kids, adults, and even professionals always seem to have their own reasons or excuses on why they can’t do something, or be better at something.  In reality, shouldn’t we all just be happy enough to have the ability to participate in a sporting event to their fullest ability.  Maybe everyone should take the time to understand what someone like Luke has gone through and how he has to prepare to tackle everyday activities, and more so prepare for a baseball game.  Not everyone is the same, nor is everyone gifted with the same talent and abilities, but that shouldn’t stop anyone from doing what they want to do. If anything shouldn’t it allow them to work harder and want to achieve more, personal or not, that may be against them?


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