Chugs For Dubs. Taking the Country by Storm One Chug at a Time!

What’s two things that no matter where you are you can pair together? You’re right if you though beer and Sports. If you didn’t think of that because you aren’t of age, well then think about soda and sports or whatever you youngins like to drink. Anyways, this is how it all got started.

So my buddy loves to drink when sporting events, especially the Red Sox, are taking place. Whether it is for good reasons or for bad reasons like shitty play is irrelevant. if you know him like I do then you would know that he can throw them back with the best of them. So one night when we were watching the Red Sox win a game, he casually just killed the rest of his beer and thought nothing of it. And that’s when it hit me. We could make this into something big. With a little bit of thought in what it would be called and if we would be able to do this we came up with the big idea.

At that moment in time, we created the chugs for dubs movement. And by movement I mean only a few guys who decide to chug. But we would start this chugs for dubs and the basis of it is simple. Whenever your team wins, for us it’s Boston teams, you grab something and chug it. For us, it happens to be beer but if you aren’t of age yet we highly encourage water or juice or even milk as one person suggested, although that might not sit well. Think of it like this. It’s kind of like Jared Carrabis’s gold bottles idea where whenever the Red Sox win, he posts a picture of big papi pooring contents from a gold bottle down his throat like he’s chugging it. Except with ours, it the actual thing. We will actually chug.

Since this movement has started, more and more people seem to enjoy the videos of us doing it and as each chug happens we try to become even more creative with the ways we do it. Creative or not we encourage you to chug for your teams dubs. And if nothing else, it’s an excuse to drink or chug some juice for the little shitheads.

So lets get this thing big and CHUG FOR DUBS! Use #ChugsForDubs in your video and we will be sure to get it out there. Let’s get this party started!IMG_1821IMG_1823.PNG



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  1. This is an advanced technique. Poke a hole in top of can opposite the opening before cracking can open. A carbuerator. You can chug it in like 3 seconds with no spill👍

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