Manchester United are one step from the final.

Unbelievable, in all the years I have been a United fan, I have never seen a Manchester play like they did today.  Almost a full 90 minutes of pure dominance and class from the Red Devils. With our stars and youth playing to their full potential.

For those of you who are not that all familiar with soccer, Manchester United is in a “rebuilding phase” in their long successful history. With the veteran leadership like Rooney, Carrick, and Ibrahimovic, their younger players can develop around them and form a solid eleven playing in unison. The younger players like Rashford, who has been playing phenomenal since Ibra’s injury, have been dominating the scene for Manchester. With Paul Pogba in the starting eleven, United are able to open up their oppostion and get behind the back four. Pogba bring the arrogance to iniate the first pass that Manchester have been missing for the last couple years. A fit Wayne Rooney brings a whole other dynamic to the team playing in a deeper central midfielder role. He creates chances and frees up other players to make runs at the keeper.

United bested Celta Vigo today in the Europa Cup semi-final today 1-0. Big away goal for the boys in red as they head back the Theater of Dreams to close out the semi-final and advance to the final in Stocklhom. Fans of united should be ecstatic becasue of the complete 180 from last year. Jose Mourinho, the Special One, has brought a new life to MAnchester and they are getting ready to dominate Europe once again!



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