Struggling on the road

65-40. The score at halftime was 65-40 and the stats from the Celts are so bad that Pierce is thinking of coming back to save them. They were 13 for 32 at 40% and from beyond the arch they are 5-14.  They have 10 turnovers in just the first half.  Smart himself had ateast 5. They need the ball out of his hands and into somebody’s who can score. They also need to protect the paint and get more points in the paint. They have let up 30 points in the paint while they only have 14 points. Brad better destroy them in  practice about this tomorrow because the turnovers and the paints in the paint need to be minimized. You know the Celts are having a bad game when Crowder is the leading scorer at half with 10 points and IT only had 7 point and is 2-5 and is 0-2. Moving on to the Wizards successes. John Wall had 14 points and 5 assists, Otto Porter had 15 points and 5 assists and Bradly Beal had 11 points just at half. They barely missed a shot and had a shooting percentage of 53%. The Celts really need to step it up for next game and it is concerning as IT did not come out of the locker room from halftime with the rest of the team. He came out 2 minutes late and if IT crumbles now so does the team because he is the heart and soul of this team. They need to figure something out for game four because they were absolutely dominated and bodied in the paint. Now some of the stats in the second half are not very reliable because the bench guys were in for most of the half but those numbers were not much better. This game was disgusting and I think this game might show the Celts true colors as IT as the main guy but the rest around him isn’t very good. He needs somebody to be able to create and make their own shot when he isn’t having a good game. Also game four could be more physical than this game and I don’t think that is good for the Celts. They got destroyed in the paint and if I am that Wizards coach I am praising the physicality of these guys. One  of the last things I have to say is that Bradley Beal is one of the biggest losers in all of sports. The flopping that he does is what is ruining the sport today. He might be the PK Subban of basketball. Lastly I have to say that game 4 seems to look like a good one because these teams clearly do not like each other.



Stats courtesy of ESPN and Larry


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