A New NBA Blood Feud Has Awoken.



Part-GTY-675202102-1-1-0-And man can I say I’m ecstatic to see this. It has been a while since The Celtics had a good rivalry going especially in the playoffs ( I don’t count the series versus the Hawks as they were upstarts.) Every game this season has been short of how could we say this politely *uncensored basketball* You see I understand the game is not supposed to have this extra shenanigans but let’s face it. Whatever league, age group or skill level any of this extra kaka is a momentum swinger a crowd pleaser an adrenaline filled sports high that every ball player wants ESPECIALLY versus their rivals, and this has been lacking in the Eastern Conference and it also has been lacking in the cradle of sports heaven, rivalries , and hardware. YES I AM TALKING ABOUT THE GOT DAMN CITY OF BOSTON. We as a city are missing our traditional old bad-blood between our hated civic neighbors 4 hrs away. The fire is long gone in Baseball, Hockey, Basketball  and even Football versus New York sports. While the fire against New York is dwindling all together and this is sad a once great civic rivalry near extinction only 13 years after its most pivotal point. While this is a major topic I am only covering the Celtics today. WHICH goes to our main topic. Has the Celtics As of right now on May 5 2017 started a Bad Blood rivalry that can soon mimic the proportions’ we had versus New York between the region sharing the Cities of  Washington and Baltimore. I won’t get into how the Sox and Orioles made Their series a tantrum filled show, but I will get into how during coinciding days our nation’s capitol  45 minutes away from Baltimore was gearing up for a tense filled matchup versus the same city opponent but different sport. YES the  Washington Wizards are from DC but their out reach goes far into Baltimore and many of the Wizard’s faithful lives in that area “hence DMV”. So needless to say it just so happens we just got ourselves into sports war with the DMV. Gear up Boston. This Bad-Blood between The Celtics and Wizards span a couple of months back when Crowder and Wall got into it during a regular season matchup. The end result? Shots fired and shots taken literally(As of last night)  Now as this rivalry has yet to produce some punches or kicks or both, It has given us some of the best titty-witty fighting I’ve seen all season. Not to forget our fearless leader Isaiah Thomas losing his tooth. (which is pretty bad-ass.) but to be honest I truly think this will change especially after last night’s Kelly vs Kelly incident which yes our Kelly (who I this whole season have been bashing his game.) finally did a Big Boy (yes kinda dirty..KINDA DAMMIT!) play, which in retaliation Washington’s Kelly came-a storming full speed and pushing the living soul out our Kelly ( Which got him ejected,and probably cooled some of the tension at that moment). Now Olynyk defiantly showed major maturity during that situation. As I would have had to “catch my 1’s” with Oubre Jr. This incident once again turned into a classic 30 second round Titty-witty dancing show of superior strength. During the commotion the camara zoomed into Oubre and  The anger in his eyes and face was so evident that Bad Blood is brewing and its brewing quick. To the point that This series can get out of hand and extremely quick. This being evident with Thomas being quoted saying they both have and know the mutual dislike for one another to  (Gerald) Green’s comments along the lines of “we’re going to kick their ass.” This is finally going to be a NBA rivalry like the old Indiana – Detroit, or Detriot -Chicago. In which multiple fights had broken out. I was not a first hand witness to all those matchups but I am of this one and I can defiantly assure you that they have genuine hate. Not that media hate that TnT produces, But that true “I’ll throw a cup at Oubre.” bad blood that we as a fan base for all of Boston Sports have been missing for a while. This is going to be fun watching how the rest of this series unfolds as I hope it does erupt and carries on to next season. We need this. And for the Red sox vs Orioles love affair , get some popcorn this summers going to be fun. So as I feel this is a major must I will say it. ISAIAH WAIT TILL AFTER THE SERIES TO GET A NEW TOOTH. TRUST ME you will defiantly thank me later. We have officially geared up for war Vs The DMV. Get ready.. It is time.



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