We’re Gonna Have To Wait A While For GSP’s Return

It was always a huge question for MMA fans whether or not Georges St-Pierre would return. We got the answer to that question earlier this year and as a huge fan of GSP, I couldn’t be more excited. With his status and championship rank, it was imminent that he was going to fight for a tittle. The fight that was rumored to happen for a while was a middleweight championship fight between GSP and current MW tittle holder Michael Bisping, this was fight was confirmed following GSP’s return. This came as a bit of a surprise as GSP is widely regarded as the greatest welterweight of all time. Although who could blame him, the UFC welterweight division is filled with killers at the moment. Fighters like Tyron Woodley, Stephen Thompson, Demian Maia and many more could pose a serious threat to a ring rust GSP. Also, a fight with a big name fighter such as Bisping would bring in a lot of viewers and more importantly a lot of money, so this matchup makes sense. 

Soon after this match was announced, Bisping gave GSP an ultimatum which was saying, fight me by July or don’t fight me at all. This was cause for some concern because GSP had not responded to this at all until today (5/5/17). He put out a video on his twitter saying he has cleared his schedule to train in the summer and told Bisping to pick any date after October and the fight will happen. As of writing this, Bisping has not responded and it remains a mystery as if Bisping will accept this condition or not. One thing is for certain though, the middleweight division and some of its fans are not happy about this. Bisping has been accused of holding up the division which has been compared to what Conor McGregor has been doing with the featherweight and lightweight division. The fighter on everybody’s mind when it comes to who deserves to fight Bisping next is Yoel Romero, having GSP leapfrog over Romero to the tittle has angered a lot of fans who believe Romero has earned a tittle shot. What did Michael Bisping have to say about this? “I’m fighting Georges St-Pierre, f*cking deal with it.” The developing stages of this fight has already brought a lot of drama and excitement, I can’t even imagine what’ll happen if it goes through. Keep your fingers crossed and eyes peeled. 


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