You Can’t Win Them All

I don’t want to talk about it. Horrid. That’s the only word I can use to describe it. I knew going in this wasn’t going to be a sweep and especially after those two steals in game 1 and 2, I almost expected that to happen. Now it’s go time.

The Boston Celtics fell to the Washington Wizards, 116-89, in game 3 Thursday night. Boston now leads the series 2-1. John Wall finished with 24 point and 8 assists. Al Horford led the Celtics in scoring with 16 points. Game 4 is slated for Sunday night at 8.

There’s not much to write here. If you saw the game, you know what happened. The Celtics just got outplayed. Simple as that. Again the Wizards jumped out to close to a 40 point first quarter, making the Celtics play from behind for the rest of the game. As per usual, rebounding sucked. Brad Stevens went back to the small starting lineup but it didn’t fly this time. Al Horford, the starting center, got a whopping two rebounds. None on the offensive end. Isaiah Thomas, the five-foot-nine-inch point guard, outrebounded the damn near the seven-foot center. To the people who say, “oh but Al is one of the best box out men in the league.” That dumb as shit. How is he one of the best box out men but can’t get any rebounds? On the offensive end, he better than decent and that’s good, but we need him to wake up on the defensive end if the Celtics hope to win this series.

Kelly Oubre is a bitch. Simple as that. He got hit with a screen and immediately go after Kelly Olynk. It’s a part of the game, it isn’t Kelly’s fault that you practice against soft centers. He really should be glad we let Jared Sullinger go, because if he got laid out with one of those, I doubt he’d hop up so quick. The series is starting to get chippy and I think that betters than Celtics. This is a wake-up call. In game 2, Morris took out Horford and now this? I expect multiple ejections in game 4 as well. In the playoffs, calls have to be harder. Jennings and Rozier should not have been ejected last night. That’s just tough basketball. NBA needs to lay off the whistles and let the boys play.

Game 4 is Sunday and there’s a lot that’s let to be seen. If Washington ties it up, they have all the momentum in, which would then be a 3 game series. If the Celtics win, they have 3 chances to win one. With this team, I like those odds.

Isaac Fox



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