Is John Farrell Genius? 

Twenty eight. That is the number of runs the Red Sox scored during their last two games against the Twins. After a rough walk off loss on Friday, manager John Farrell switched up the lineup in a desperate attempt to have his offense back up the recently stellar pitching the Sox have been getting.

Farrell moved right fielder Mookie Betts back to the one spot where he has been most of his young career. He put Dustin Pedroia back into the two spot where he has made his living since 2007. He followed up his tablesetters with two more tablesetters. Farrell moved Xander Bogaerts and Andrew Benintendi into the three and four spots. Both are hitting over .300 and are hitting now before the most powerful man in the lineup, Hanley Ramirez. Mitch Moreland now hits sixth, meaning there will more often than not be a man on second base when new everyday played Chris Young hits in the seven spot. Young has produced big time during both offensive blowouts.

Two questions have arisen from Farrell’s offensive changes. Firstly, is John Farrell a genius? Is it possible that Farrell, after examining his squad for a month saw something he knew would work? Or is the offense just waking up? Red Sox fans will tell you, it doesn’t mater which option it is as long as the offense stays hot and the wins keep coming.

Secondly, what does this mean for Jackie Bradley Jr? Chris Young, mostly viewed as a left handed killer off the bench, has absolutely smoked two righties during the past two games. It’s highly unlikely Bradley hits the bench for too long, but if Young stays hot then who knows what happens.

Farrell and the Sox are 2-0 since the changes and as long as the success keeps up, not a single Red Sox fan will be complaining.


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