Fanduel MLB picks 5/8/17

Today, I am going to try something new.  I enjoy playing almost every sport for DFS and MLB is no exception.  I am going to list 3 hitters and 3 pitchers that I like (or will avoid) today.  There is huge variability in MLB DFS performance and you need to be patient and trust your process.  This is also written before lineups lock so be aware that some of the players mentioned below may not be starting.

Tonight is a “Coors slate” with the Cubs playing on the road vs. Colorado; while I usually avoid Coors bats, tonight would be a night I would consider them.  Especially since the Cubs played until the early morning hours and then had to travel to Colorado.  With that being said, its really risky today because there are some weather concerns in Colorado.  I am not saying to completely fade them tonight, just be aware of the PPD possibility.

Three Bats

Cody Bellinger (OF) – Dodgers($3,300) –  Dudes on fire and gets another RHP today in Trevor Williams (PIT).  Verses RHP Bellinger is slugging .900(!) with 5 homers in 30 at bats this season.  Williams is not very good vs. lefties and gives up 2.2 HR/9.  The pirates bullpen is also ranked 28th in the league.  With that I am riding the hot hitter and rostering Bellinger tonight.

Tommy Pham (OF) – Cardinals($2,000) – Plain and simple, Pham should not be 2k.  He has scored 55.9, 3, and 31.2 fanduel points since he has been recalled from Triple A.  Adam Conley (Mia) is walking over 4 batters per game and has a fly ball percentage of 41% and the Marlins bullpen is ranked 26th in the league.  Pham might be overlooked since he has been batting in the 8 spot, but don’t be afraid to roster him if you need salary relief.

Ryan Schimpf (2B) – Padres ($3,300) – Nick Martinez (Tex) is not a good pitcher vs LHB (.403 wOba/.283 iso), doesn’t strike a lot of hitters out.  Schimpf hits RHP’s well (5 HRs, 16 BBs, .342 wOba, and .441 slugging).  He will also be a nice pivot on such a large slate tonight.

Other Bats to target:

Cincinnati, New York Yankees, Washington, New York Mets


Three Arms (2 to target/1 to avoid)

Jacob DeGrom – Mets ($10,300) – He will most likely be the highest owned pitcher on the slate; but he is not my favorite pitcher(which i will touch on next).  He strikes out over 9 batters/9 innings and only walks 2.5 and only gives up 0.93 HR/9.  Its not an easy matchup strikeout wise, but the Giants offense is struggling and that makes DeGrom a possible target.

Blake Snell – Rays ($6,900) – Snell is under priced and in a good match up vs KC tonight.  He is my favorite pitcher on the slate.  I do however think he does have a chance to be higher owned due to his price and the fact that its a “Coors slate”.  Snell does come with some risk because of his high BB/9 (5.39) and he has only gone over 6 innings once this year, which makes him a perfect GPP target.

Masahiro Tanaka – Yankees ($9,300) – The Yankees played an 18 inning game last night, the bullpen usage was high, and they traveled from Chicago to Cincy.  These are a few of the reasons I am fading Tanaka tonight.  Tanaka will be relied on to pitch a great game, and may have to pitch deeper into the game than he usually does if he gives up runs.  I will be targeting Tanaka with Cincy bats as I believe they will be a sneaky good tonight.

Good Luck!




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