Is Chris Sale The Next Cy?

Chris MotherF*king Sale. Billy Christ!!!!! I can get use to saying that.



We as Red Sox fans have been probably- Most likely witnessing history in the making this whole season but just do not see it yet. I mean come on have you seen this Kat pitch? It’s like watching a tutorial on how to strike out big names all the way down to the 9th spot hitter. Put this in Perspective last time we as a RedSox Nation, seen Starts by our ACE like this like Sale has been producing. The Pitcher was a Lanky Dominican named Pedro Martinez. That was over 10 years ago. 10 Long years. Now with baseball turning from a hitters game in the 90’s to a pitcher’s game in the 00’s , 10 long years is way too long to wait for our next great pitching messiah, but the wait is finally over. Yes we thought Price was our next Pedro, but that was far from the actual truth so Dombrowski did what he does best and he went out hunting. The Catch? Or should I say the reward was 28 Year Chris Sale. Granted I was bummed because of the young promising stars we had to give away for Sale,(Moncada,Basabe,Diaz and Kopech.) but that feeling only lingered within his first 2 starts of His Spring Training then soon it disappeared altogether and instead hope raised from that feeling of doubt , With that hope I made sure to catch EVERY Game Chris Sale pitches in, boy have I not been disappointed. In 51.2 innings pitched this man faced 194 batters, allowed  30 hits with 12 scored runs (11 being earned) only 2 homers against and 11 walks. Out of 194 that’s the only damaged done??! Absurd but what’s even more crazy is the damage he inflicted. Remember 51.2 innings pitched. 73 strikeouts, .794 WHIP, with Sale averaging 12.7 strikeouts per 9 innings and 1.9 BB per 9 innings. With 0 wild pitches. Take your time to read that as much as you want or try to check the numbers…. Don’t worry They are real got them from Baseball-reference. These stats blow your mind as they blow mine. What gets me is he is only Seven games into His Red Sox Career, He has at least another 20 starts if not more if he stays healthy, Which if I was opposing teams I would be scared Sh*tless. This Man has the potential to literally tear the pages off the record books and make his own records. 7 starts and 73 strike outs? If he stayed healthy and not get hurt and did the minimum of 20 more starts well that there would bring his projected strikeout total to (with us projecting he still maintains the 12.7 strikeouts a game) that’s a WHOPPING 327 strikeouts. let that sink in. . . . you’re in a sunken place especially if you’re a fan from New York or Baltimore reading this. But since this is Baseball and Shit does happen say he can only pitch 20 more games BUT  his strikeout total per 9 innings drops to 10 on avg. That’s still a respectable 273- which is one less than his career high of 274. Men lie, Women lie, But the Got Damn numbers don’t, and these numbers are showing us that we might have another Goat in our Goat farm of Boston.  327ks is Randy Johnson/Cy Young territory, and I don’t doubt that Sale can do it just staying healthy is all it takes. And even if he doesn’t hit the 300 marks 273 is still pretty damn scaring. We got the real deal and we need to make sure we take care of him. I in my 23 years of living never seen anyone like sale as I was too young to fully watch Randy in his greatest ( and remember every pitch.) So this is a true blessing for me and our beloved Boston Red Sox. Chris Sale is just a filthy Nasty Oscar living in the trashcan on sesame street beast. And these numbers are saying that he will not only continue it but destroy the books. Make his own and then destroy it again for Version 2.0. We found Cy Young Reincarnated. And one last thing. Before you opposing fans, And you Sox fans that are skeptical, Look at the guys stats his whole career… Don’t worry ill wait for you to soak it up .. He’s F*cking nasty this is not the one year some pitchers have in their career where they are amazing. NO this is him all day everyday. – The link to Chris Sale’s Stats.

Oh on a side note- Sale would be undefeated if the Red Sox actually had run support earlier in the season. SO that being said just shows how scary Sale is without run support and how fearsome the Whole team is With the run support.

and this is all projections hopefully they come true my math was right. But lord knows baseball is unpredicatble .



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