The Next Ring Hunter? Top Four Kyle Lowry Landing Spots

NBA: Toronto Raptors at Brooklyn NetsThe Toronto Raptors got worked by the Cavs in a sweep. Lebron showed why he’s the king like he tends to do this time of year. It seems Toronto can never get past the Cavs and Kyle Lowry seems over it. Today, he said he won’t pick up his $12 million option this summer and will potentially become a free agent. Lowry is still a top tier point guard in the league, maybe top 3 in the East, so he can still give teams a shot. Being towards the end of his prime, it seems Lowry won’t get a ring in Toronto, so in no particular order, here are the four best places, besides Cleveland or Golden State (fuck you KD) where he can get a ring.

Honorable Mention: This would have made my list as a no-brainer. Team up Lowry with Paul George and they could be a competing 1-2 punch, but with George being unsure if he will stay in Indiana, it seems dumb for Lowry to sign here if he’s a one-man show.

1. San Antonio Spurs – If this happened, I would be genuinely scared if I was Lebron. Kawhi Leonard is the only man in the NBA who could keep “The King” in check for quarters. Lowry would be able to give Kyrie Irving a tough time too. Gregg Popovich would have a field day. With Tony Parker closer and closer to retirement and Patty Mills not being a real reliable starter, this team could make real noise out of the West. If the Spurs land Kyle Lowry, I guarantee a Spurs-Cavs finals. Warriors suck.

2. Orlando Magic – Not gonna lie. Out of all these options, this seems the least likely but still makes 100% sense to me. A young team with money. If Lowry can sign and convince another big name to come to Orlando, he can see contention in about three years if he sticks it out (probably won’t if you take a look at his current situation). Elfrid Payton is the current point guard for the Magic, but Payton is about to be a journeyman. He offers nothing real on the offensive end. Lowry to Derozan oops are already sick as is. I can’t even imagine the highlights if Lowry threw them up to Aaron Gordon.

3. Milwaukee Bucks – I’ve said this before, the Bucks are the best young team in basketball. With Giannis Antetokumpo as their leader, Kyle Lowry would be a perfect fit. He would bring that veteran knack to the team and can run point on a team where a consistent point guard is basically nonexistent. On this team, Lowry also wouldn’t be looked at as the primary ball handler. As we saw, Giannis is well equipped to be able to run the point effectively. This would allow Lowry to run off-ball screens and get more spot up opportunities, an area I think he thrives at but doesn’t see a lot in Toronto. Jabari Parker is coming back, and if he can stay healthy, that is a scary, young, big three featuring a consistent big man in Greg Monroe.

4. Utah Jazz – The most underrated team in basketball. They made the playoffs quietly, but fans in Utah know, the Jazz can easily become a force to be reckoned with one more piece. That very well could be Kyle Lowry. If Gordan Hayward stays, that creates a lineup of Lowry, the ever consistent Joe Johnson, Hayward, Derrick Favors and the budding big man, Rudy Gobert. This lineup would be hard to guard no matter where you focus. Lowry is always a threat to heat up instantly, Hayward is the league’s newest star, and Gobert is soon to be a 20-10 guy. I’m not saying this team would win every year, but they could certainly give some teams trouble and constantly be that dark horse who can never be counted out. Hayward would be the main piece in a move to Utah. Even if Hayward leaves, Lowry would still benefit by coming to Utah, his chances of winning just wouldn’t be as good.

Kyle Lowry has options this summer. Being a great point guard in the league many teams will want him. These four just make the most sense. Then again, he could just restructure his contract and stay in Toronto, or even be THAT bitch and go to Golden State. For the sake of the NBA, I hope he chooses somewhere other than those two.

Isaac Fox



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