Tied at Two, Back to Boston. I’m a Little Worried

22637201-mmmainFor the first time in a long time, I almost felt embarrassed to be a Celtics fan. I am not though. Almost. I still have complete faith in this team and I won’t lose faith until they (may) lose. But that one hurt. On the bright side, it’s coming back to Boston. They’ve gone from a strong 2-0 lead, all the momentum, and me thinking they could steal one in Washington. Now, it’s tied at 2, momentum is leaning towards the Wizards, and now I’m just hoping they’re able to win at home.

The Washington Wizards beat the Boston Celtics 121-102, to tie the series at 2 games a piece. Isaiah Thomas did all he could finishing with 19. Bradley Beal led all scorers with 29 points.

This was the classic tale of two halves. In the first, the Celtics looked good. They finally stopped the Wizards from hitting near 40, and offensively looked good. IT looked like the regular IT, hitting threes like no one’s business. Had 15 points in the half. I didn’t want to kill Al Horford for once. I thought the Celtics finally found an answer for John Wall, holding him 1 for 11.It was nice. I wasn’t too worried. I was looking on the brighter side of things. They were heading to the half tied at 48. If I could find anything bad, it was that. The fact that they were tied and their star only had 4 points wasn’t too settling to me because you just know he’ll find his stride at some point. And sure enough, he did.

John Wall came alive in the third, along with all of Washington. 26-0. The Celtics allowed a 26-0 run in the third quarter. They didn’t allow a big first this time, but still had to play catch up, and with less time this game. John Wall came alive and for some reason, Avery Bradley wasn’t on him that much. AB is the best on ball defender on the planet, don’t @ me. He can lock up any guard whenever he wants to and can hold them under 20 for a game. So I have no idea why Brad Stevens refuses to have him cover John Wall. As much as it hurts, John Wall is the best all-around point guard in the league (Isaiah is the best scoring point guard.) We have the capability to stop him, yet don’t. I know Beal was having a good game, but that’s why we have Marcus Smart as a secondary defender. He guards Beal and holds him, AB holds Wall and IT can still run the point. The Celtics play small the first two games and won. It would be best to go back and explore this again and try to win two more.

The travel back to Boston should suit the Celtics well. Get back to their families, sleep in their own beds and get back to work. Game 5 is Wednesday at 8. Boston is home to the best fans in the NBA. They’re still behind this team and so am I. I hope I can chug some milk this time around though. #ChugsForDubs

Isaac Fox



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