Does This Look Like The Face Of A Guy Who Cut Two Doctors Throats For Revenge?

So they caught the guy who allegedly killed those two doctors in their penthouse apartment in Boston. Bampumim Teixeira, that’s right BAMPUMIM, broke into an apartment and killed two anesthesiologists in their 1.9 million dollar apartment.
First off, let’s just look at this dudes face. The face of a guy who is literally thinking “well shit.”

Sad to see this happen, tough to understand why really. What’s not tough to see is a dude from Chelsea who was just released from prison, go out and kill two innocent people and steal a bag of jewelry in the process.

Luckily one of the docs managed to bang out a text right before it happened that allowed a friend to contact police, which lead to them putting a few rounds in the dude. Leg and stomach shots to be exact.

What a scum, man. ¬†Too bad the guy didn’t catch one in the chops at 1700 fps. Either way, the slasher is as good as toast. Though I do wonder why on earth the first thing one does in a home invasion is to text their friend and be like “hey there’s a gunman in my house”. Seriously? Maybe 911… maybe a sig 326… I don’t know, but the first thing on my list of things not to do is text Big Red and be like, “bro you won’t even imagine. There’s a knife weilding gunman in my house Right now… lol”

Hey, at least Boston can rest kind of easy… you know… now that there is only one serial killer to worry about….



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