It’s 2017 and Ray Allen is still a bitch

Last night, Kevin Garnett had mini-reunion with the 2007-2008 championship-winning team. He brought Paul Pierce, Glen Davis, Kendrick Perkins, and Rajon Rondo on Area 21 to reminisce. One member who was an obvious key to the championship but not present was Ray Allen. Personally, I hate Ray Allen. The way he left was horrible. In the time, the Heat were the enemy and he got up and left to go get a ring. There was more under the surface to that than the common man was not aware of. Many tweeted at KG last night asking where Allen was, and like mature adults, they talked about it and addressed it in an appropriate manner. Pierce called it “bigger than basketball” and that it was a “sour breakup.” Perk spoke for all saying they would be willing to make up with Ray. “Ray has to break the ice first.” They all said how they were a family and Ray leaving and not saying anything actually hurt more than him leaving. Well, it looks like they’re won’t be a makeup anytime soon. Tuesday morning, Ray Allen posted to his facebook page a photo captioned: “The power to push limits,” with him posting up Rondo.


I doubt he scored, but that’s beside the point. His former teammates were trying to make amends and be friends again and this is what he does? I still hate Ray and this just put gas on a car fire for me. I don’t see myself ever forgiving Ray Allen. He’ll always be a bitch to me.

Isaac Fox



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