Top 5 Players Celtics Should Target This Offseason

5. SG JJ Redick, LA Clippers
The Celtics need more knock-down shooters (they don’t have any). Although he may ask for more money than he’s worth, he would be a serviceable starting shooting guard or sixth man for a year or two.


Rudy Ga.jpg
4. SF Rudy Gay, Sacramento Kings
Once upon a time, not long ago Rudy Gay was close to a superstar. With the right talent around him, I’m certain he could perform at the level again and would be a tremendous second or third option for the Celtics.


3. PF Paul Millsap, Atlanta Hawks
Last summer, we stole Atlanta’s Center and I’m hoping this summer we are able to steal their other dominant big men. Millsap is one of the most consistent power forwards in the league today. He would certainly start for a Celtic’s team that is filled with mediocre power forwards.


2. SF/SG Gordon Hayward, Utah Jazz
Hayward can play comfortably at either position and would most likely get the starting nod over both Jae Crowder and Avery Bradley. Hayward would fit in perfectly with the Celtic’s style of play and would definitely help bring the team to the next level.


1. PF Blake Griffin, LA Clippers
I love Blake Griffin. Always have and I think he would fit in perfect with the way the Celtics play. Blake is developing into a do-it-all big man and could help the Celtics in almost all facets of the game. And like I said with Millsap, he’s better than all of our mediocre Power Forwards.


Notable Mentions: PF Serge Ibaka (Raptors), SG Jonathon Simmons (Spurs), Kevin Durant (Warriors, if he opts out)


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