Celtics in 6

What an amazing game last night if you are a Celtics fan. You watch a team get absolutely obliterated on the road in Washington not once but twice. Then you seem them come home and hand out an ass whooping themselves. I’m here to breakdown the reasons why I think they were able to demolish the Wizards last night:

1. Avery Bradley
Avery Bradley, despite being highly criticized for under performing, had the game of his life last night. It seemed every shot he took was nothing but net. It even got to the point where I was thinking to myself that Avery Bradley has a chance to be a legitimate superstar in the NBA but then I realized I was baked. When Avery plays like he did last night the Celtics are extremely hard to beat.

2. John Wall/Bradley Beal
Was it just me or were Wall and Beal pretty much invisible out there? Although John Wall had 21 points against us, it feels as if he wasn’t going as hard as he usually does. They both were able to miss 10 shots a piece which cannot happen in the playoffs. If Wall and Beal play like this in Game 6, then the Celtics will certainly book their tickets to play LeBron.

3. Brad Stevens
The main reason that I haven’t lost faith in the Celtics in this series is because I know we have Brad Stevens and they have Scott Brooks. There is a reason why OKC fired Brooks years ago despite reaching the Finals and Conference Finals. Brad Stevens made the right adjustments prior to the game that Brooks had no answer for. A key part in coaching in the playoffs is your in-game adjustments. Every game is important and you cannot afford to lose many games.

These to me were the underlying reasons which gave the Celtics the huge Win last night. With all this momentum heading into Game 6 for the Celtics it’ll be hard to see them lose which is why I have them moving on to the Conference Finals after Game 6. In order for that to happen the Celtics will need to do what they’ve done all season: Defy All Odds. The Celtics have yet to beat the Wizards in Washington this season and if they want any chance against the Cavs they need to steal this one.

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