Julian Edelman Proves Why he is the Ultimate Stud (Matt Harvey Meltdown)

Super Bowl XLIX - New England Patriots v Seattle SeahawksWhen fans think of the Boston and New York rivalry, the Patriots and the Mets are not the teams that come to mind. But after the series of events that happened over the weekend, this may get heated pretty quickly. For those of you who haven’t been caught up, Mets ace pitcher Matt Harvey was suspended three games for what at first were unknown reasons. It then came out Harvey spent all of Friday night partying until Saturday morning, when he then got up and went golfing. He completely skipped his team’s game to go play 18 holes at the local country club.

So the question is what causes a guy with a clean record, to go out, party all night and then skip his team’s game to go and play golf? Well one of the most popular Victoria Secret Angles in the world could have something to do with it. After a breakup with Patriot Wide Receiver Julian Edelman, Lima reportedly became close to Harvey. The two began hitting it off until May 2nd at the infamous Met Gala after party. There, Lima and Edelman began to talk again and it was not long before the two decided to give it another shot. This left Harvey completely crushed. Some un-named teammates told reporters he was “an emotional wreck” after seeing pictures of the two according to Page Six.

This story is not over, and actually gets much worse. Not only did Adrianna Lima completely ditch the starting pitcher for her ex, but she then denied having any type of serious relationship with him. In a span of 48 hours, Harvey found his “girl” with another guy, had his “girl” leave him and then got friend-zoned. And all of this was completely publicized. No wonder the guy spent all Friday night drinking and skipped his game the next day. It seemed like a pretty rough week for Matt Harvey.

On the other hand, what a power-move by Edelman. Breaking up with one of the most gorgeous girls on the earth, sitting back and waiting a month while she finds someone else. He did his own thing and let Lima go after whoever, knowing it doesn’t really get much better. After a month of being separated, Edelman sees her for the first time and instantly wins her back. Lima completely dropped Harvey like he was nothing. This guy came back from a 28-3 deficit in the Super Bowl, winning her back was easy for him.

Really though, Adrianna Lima  had a two-time Super Bowl champion stud, who made one of the greatest catches in history and was a part of the greatest comeback in history. Lima went from that, to a pitcher on a team that hasn’t won a World Series since 1986. Not to mention, he can’t make three straight starts without his arm hurting him. Lima may have just gotten sick of the constant icing and complaining.

The two athletes could not be more different. Harvey, a former seventh overall pick from a major college (UNC), had very high expectations after being drafted by the Mets. His injury riddle career has been an overall disappointment as he can barely stay on the field. He has never won a ring, and has been to the World Series only once and lost. Harvey also is only a one-way player, as most pitchers are but for sake of argument I’ll throw it in there. Edelman on the other hand, has a career that is a complete 180 from Harvey’s. Drafted in the last round out of Kent State, Edelman had to work and grind his way to the top. Starting off as a special teams fill-in, he then played in his first Super Bowl in 2011, on defense. Yes, the Patriots relied on a former college quarterback to hold down the secondary in the biggest game of his career. Despite the loss, he did not do a bad job playing completely out of position. He then went on to win two Super Bowls as the main target for Tom Brady. Along the way, Edelman seemed to receive a new injury every week, yet still managed to consistently be on the field. Moral of the story is, Harvey under-produced his whole career and Edelman is a complete underdog warrior who has won two rings. This should’ve been an easy choice for Lima.



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