Make the NBA Playoffs Great Again

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The 2017 NBA Playoffs, some of the most anti-climactic basketball I’ve watched in my life. This year, the gap between the top teams and the rest of the field is laughably massive. While the Cavs are the two seed in the East, they’ve mad every team they have played their bitch for a lack of better term. They had a relatively simple sweep of Indiana with the exception of game one when CJ Miles missed the game-winner that all but sealed Paul George’s departure from the Pacers. Then they turned the Raptors from “Contenders” to Pretenders real quick as they blew them out for four straight games and it was not even close. As they head into the Eastern Conference finals at 8-0, it is hard to believe they won’t be able to handle the Celtics or Wizards.

Now for the Warriors who have done the same. They ran straight through the Trail Blazers and the Jazz to a 8-0 record themselves. The Spurs and Rockets are just beating the hell out of each other and with that series probably going 7 games, they should see some tired legs in the Western Conference Finals and will most likely not have a good series until the NBA Finals.

Not that a Cavs vs Warriors would be unexpected but after most likely meeting for 3 years it is to see they are ahead of their competition and it is not close. The only way to beat them is having a favorable matchup and getting lucky sometimes.

So here is an incoming hot take alert that I think the NBA should consider but will probably never put into effect…. Come playoff time, eliminate the conferences and take the top 16 seeds and have them play each other. The East Winner and West Winner get the first two seeds and winning your division guarantees you a top 6.

So if this was put into play this year, the seeding would go like this.

  1. Golden State Warriors
  2. Boston Celtics
  3. San Antonio Spurs
  4.  Cleveland Cavaliers*
  5.  Utah Jazz*
  6.  Washington Wizards
  7. Houston Rockets
  8. Toronto Raptors*
  9.  Los Angeles Clippers*
  10.  Oklahoma City Thunder
  11.   Memphis Grizzlies*
  12.  Atlanta Hawks*
  13.  Milwaukee Bucks
  14.  Indiana Pacers
  15.  Portland Trail Blazers*
  16.  Chicago Bulls*

Notice how these 8 seeds shake up. The Celtics and Warriors get 1 and 2 for winning their conference. Then the Spurs,Jazz , Cavs, and Wizards all get a top 6 guaranteed for winning their division. This promotes winning the division to get a top 6 seed because notice now how the Rockets are positioned as the 7th best team in playoff contention, when in reality they have the 3rd best record in this playoff setting. Also of note the Miami Heat had an opportunity to be in this bracket because they also went 41-41 just like Chicago and Portland but lost the tie-breaker to both teams.

Speaking of tie-breakers, any teams with a (*) next to their name had the same record and split the season series. The first tie-breaker is division record, if both are the same it goes to overall conference record. IF this ever does end up in place, the tie breaker rules could be changed but for now I’ll leave it like so.

If you want to see the actual bracket and how it would break down click here.

Specifically in this year, it would be impossible for the Warriors and Cavs to meet up in the NBA Finals. You still play the series as a best of 7 but I think this way it makes things more competitive and extremely fun to watch. Before this year, a lot of under .500 teams would make the playoffs in the notoriously weaker Eastern Conference which has been a cake walk for LeBron his whole career pretty much. Now, through this method, you ensure you get the 16 best NBA teams matched up in a best of 7 regardless of the conference.

Do I think this is a good idea, yes, but do I think Adam Silver would ever put something like this into play, probably not.


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  1. What’re your thoughts on 16 teams but it’s still 8 from each conference?? Is that to similar?

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