Why Sports Are Soft: Kelly Oubre Edition

kelly-olynyk-kelly-oubre-1-e1494125637438Sports over the past decade have become increasingly softer. I won’t speak on participation trophies. If a kid goes 0-12 in tee-ball and is throwing absolute meat, he damn sure doesn’t deserve a trophy. That is not today’s vocal point. It is Kelly Oubre and the Washington Wizards.

I could’ve written this a week ago and I almost did but I held off. Kelly Olynk hit Oubre with a clean screen. A mean, yet clean screen. If you have yet to see it, here:

I have no idea why Oubre took exception to this. Practicing with guys like Marcin Gortat and Ian Mahinmi, I assume he is used to soft screens, so when getting hit with a real one, he was shook. I get it. But there is no need to get up and take a running start and push him. The NBA finally did something right for once, suspending Oubre for game 4. Then came game 5.

After game five, the whole Wizard organization went from a 5 to a 9 on the Fox Scale of Soft (patent pending). The Boston Faithful showed Oubre how they felt. Near the end of the third, a “Fuck You, Oubre” chant rose from the crowd. Hearing it was the cherry on top of the 20 point victory sundae.

I love Boston and this just backs that up. Oubre is a bitch and the chants were warranted. Oubre wasn’t as soft prior to the game. He knew he was getting booed and said he was okay with it and said it makes him feel “alive.” Nothing was wrong until post game pressers. Boston hasn’t had the best publicity lately, with many players saying Boston is a racist town. Now while this isn’t racist, not a great look. I personally love it, but on the outside looking in, it looks classless. So when Oubre says “that’s just Boston” when asked about it, what the fuck is that supposed to mean? I hope he means “just Boston” as the city that won’t let anyone mess with them, ask Dennis Schroder, he knows. Oubre should expect more boo’s in games following in Boston (if it’s even necessary).

To John Wall, didn’t you ever learn “sticks and stones may break my bones, but words will never hurt me?” Wall postgame said, “we didn’t expect those words.” Wall is acting like the whole city of Washington is full of saints and he’s the pope. If you go to any sporting venue, I bet my life you can’t go the whole time without hearing multiple F-bombs dropped. John Wall expecting that that word isn’t used is blasphemous. John Wall is literally recording saying “fuck wrong with you boy,” in a first round game with Atlanta. So when a few hundred people use it to express how they feel, there’s no need to bitch and moan about. If there is a game 7, Oubre will be booed and John Wall should be too.

Isaac Fox




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