Madden Cover Release

Tom Brady is on the cover of the Madden 18 cover and some people are a little afraid. Why? Because of the Madden curse. If you don’t know what the Madden curse is, it’s a “curse” put on the player on the cover of this game. The curse is that they will either get hurt or do terrible the next year. Now Tom did come out with a video stating that he is not scared of some “curse” and that he doesn’t even believe in it. I am back and forth between the Madden curse whether it’s true or not. On one side you see Peyton Hillis and Mike Vick and then you see OBJ and Calivin Johnson. Calvin broke the curse a little while ago but OBJ broke it just a few years ago but it seems the curse was back on when Gronk was on the cover and he got hurt. Now that could just be normal Gronk by getting hurt.

The cool part about Brady getting the cover is that Madden made a G.O.A.T Edition for him. I think I’m gonna buy two copies, one to play and one to NEVER open. I have to admit it’s pretty sick and the game looks to be a bit different then in years past. In the trailer that I watched it showed a little bit of a myplayer type thing where this kid gets out of bed and he says “my time” and looks at Lucas Oil stadium where the combine is held. Now I could be wrong on that but it would be a pretty sick idea to do that for Madden. So there is a lot to look forward to this Madden season.


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