Tom Brady’s New Personality 

Our very own super star quarterback Tom Brady has been named the cover boy of the newest Madden set to be released this August. The game even has a “Goat” edition in which offers more bonuses for those who buy. Brady has been increasingly more active in the public image in 2017, starting off with his new Instagram page. Although it’s not just run by Brady and he has many people to run it for him, but nevertheless he is more intertwined with social media now. 

Today with the release of the new Madden cover boy, Brady relished the opportunity to be on the cover and essentially threw out any speculation of a “curse” by posting a video of himself smashing a mirror and walking until a ladder. It’s evident that in the later years of his career Tom has been more open to the public and with social media all together, which is great for the fans who get to see more of him.

The question is, will the “curse” effect the GOAT? 


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