Another 12 K’s for Sale, Mookie Stays Hot, Red Sox Win!

Seems like recently the only day Red Sox fans can ever look forward to is a day where Chris Sale is on the mound. With the inconsistency we have seen from pitchers this year, Chris Sale as been the only constant in that rotation and he hasn’t failed us yet.

Coming into today Chris Sale led the majors in strikeouts by a pretty good sized margin and today against the Rays he added 12 more strikeouts to his resume, making it 85 strikeouts already this season. He did allow 3 runs today on only two hits but unfortunately those two hits were dingers over the wall. Even with the 3 runs allowed today, his ERA is still an astounding 2.15 which is 7th best in the majors. Needless to say, Chris Sale continued his dominance today and for the most part made the rays look like 12U little league baseball players at the plate.

Even today Chris Sale would get run support today as the Red Sox managed to put 6 runs up on the board. It seems like the most frustrating part of this season so far has been the inconsistency on offense, but like Sale in the pitching rotation, there has been one constant to this offense lately and he goes by the name of Mookie Betts (maybe you’ve heard of him or something.)

Mookie Betts is batting .379 in his last seven games with 3 ding dong dingahs, 4 two baggers with 9 RBIs and 5 walks. This kid as been absolutely RAKING these past couple weeks and today would be no different. With the Red Sox down 1-0, the Mook Man came to the plate and muscled a two run DING DONG DINGAH over the monster to put the sox up 2-1. Talk about clutch? That was just a couple days after he hit the go ahead dingah in the 9th to beat the Brewers. Needless to say, Mookie hasn’t been the problem.

I don’t want to forget that X man is also batting a terrific .429 with 5 doubles (best in MLB) in his last seven games but it just seems that he can’t get it done when it counts or he doesn’t get the RBI chances. He also went 0-4 on the day.

One last bright spot from today was the play at third base from Deven Marrero. He had a couple fantastic plays down at third and he went 1-3 with a huge 2 RBI two bagger late in the game plus…… NO ERRORS. I know it isn’t something I should come to expect from this guy after all he is fuckin’ terrible with a bat in his hand most of the time, but it was nice to see at least for one day after all the problems they have had at 3rd.

All that matters is Chris Sale had another double digit strikeout outing, Mookie went yahd, Kimbrel shut shit down again and the Red Sox win! Have a great night yall!


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