Drew Pomeranz Leaves Game with Injury

Red Sox pitching just potentially got a hell of a lot more worse (if that is even possible) after Drew Pomeranz exits the game against the Rays in the top of the 4th inning with an apparent arm injury.

Early in the top of the 4th Drew Pomeranz motioned to the Red Sox dugout for the trainers with obvious pain in his arm. He was then taken out of the game right then due to his arm.

Now am I in no way shape or form advocating that Pomeranz is a great/solid pitcher in our rotation. However, he is consistent. With the exception of a few games, he will go out and give you about 5-6 innings of work with allowing right around 3 runs a game. Now is that good? Well no not really because he can’t give you long outings where you can rest your bullpen and he won’t throw a shutout. However, he does leave the Red Sox in position to win the game more times than not because he only allows those 3 runs.

The only thing we can hope for is that this injury isn’t severe enough to keep him out of the pitching rotation for an extended time period. If he is out of this rotation, Red Sox pitching got a lot worse. Who are you bringing up in his place? Kyle Kendrick who has a 12.96 ERA with only 3 strikeouts? Good fuckin’ luck. I mean at best you can call up Henry Owens who has a 2.27 ERA in AAA or hope that David Price can return sooner than later and not need surgery.

This puts the Red Sox in an even shittier position to regards with pitching than they already were and this isn’t even a great pitcher. Only thing to do now is hope for the best.


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