Has Tommy Goat Lost His Mind?


(photo curteousy of Bleacher Report.)

Thomas Edward Brady, AKA The Goat, AKA The Governor of New England AKA Touchdown Jesus Reincarnated for the Pros. As much as I love Tom it has not stopped me from thinking in my mind, “What in the Hell is going on.” This man has not only been elected to the cover of Madden Which is a great honor but lets face it first thing coming in our minds is “The Madden Curse.” Well Mr. Goat not only took the Madden Curse Hoopla and shot it down like he did the Falcons in February, He also took it and looked at the football gods and pretty much said to them “F*ck you bring your best shot.” (Holy Sh*t) SO not only is this an act of defiance, he took it a step further. (Now I’m not too superstitious but this man is literally insane for the stuff he did.) I can understand jokes mocking the curse or the Facebook video Satires, But Tommy Baby you broke mirrors and walked under ladders, You are messing with fate are you trying to break an ankle again?! I know Tom Brady is the most dominant and complete Quarterback in the history of the game especially showing it the last two seasons being in the MVP race even with the shortened seasons. And I know Tom Brady can get himself out of everything (once again evident from SBL1) but it’s also a proven fact that every player a year after the Madden Cover either they get horribly hurt or their team just out right sucks. But as Patriot faithful we only got to worry about one thing. Brady Getting hurt Yes I said those filthy cursed words. My fear is our supreme leader getting hurt on the field, Tommy Goat might have the body of a 19-year-old but lets face it he’s 40, let a linebacker pop him one good time especially after a Madden Cover Year I am almost certain he will get hurt because that’s just how the F*ckery of Sports works. I don’t mean to jinx him (Tom) or anything but I would not be writing this if it was just him Joking about the Curse no. He went above and beyond he did no-nos and Now I’m truly nervous because its one thing f*cking with Football gods and it’s another F*cking with the normal gods so yes i’m nervous and yes I am going to try to find a complete bodyguard unit for Tom.Because he is out right Throwing His middle fingers up, down, left and right. Now The second worst thing that could come from the Madden Curse is the Cover Athlete Team is Horrible the next season.

HA HA HA HA ( I truly laughed hysterically) yeah I am not gonna dwell on that WE have the Damn Patriots The greatest team ever. especially after this off-season. We can lose our whole first string defense and offense and still make it to the AFC Game. Hence I am Not worried. as this part of the “curse” will and can never happen. (This is the saved by Kraft Pats let be serious.) So this wont even be spoken upon anymore. It’s a true Joke.


The Season is coming and as the Season approaches with Brady knowing his talent, knowing he’s the Head Goat in this Goat farm of Boston I expect to see A lot more of his “Madden Curse” Mockery. This is Tom Brady 2.0 a Tom Brady that does not care. He has become a Savage and I am F*cking Glad. He’s a little old But its nothing like an old savage. This is The Tom Brady we been waiting to see. The “I’m the best I know it F*ck you try to beat us.” Tom -the still humble and will take pay cuts for the greater good Tom is still in there, But This off-season he turned to Football Lucifer so lets grace being the Bad-Guys once again Pats Nation. Lets get (appropriately and politely) Ignorant and wave the 5 and scream “No days Off” and “Blitz for six.” Lets get on the NFL’s nerves and opposing fan bases nerves, and last but not least let’s get ready to see Tommy Lucifer Baby football Jesus Brady F*ck the league up and smile while hes doing it.


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