Game 7

Tonight is the biggest game of the playoffs so far for the Celtics, game 7. Game 6 looked promising for the Celts as Al Horford hit a bank shot with seconds remaining putting the Celts up 2. But then a viper like sense took over in John Wall as he stuck a 3 in one of the best defenders in the leagues face. It was just cold blooded and it gave the Wizards the lead and the win. Now the Celts are looking to get a little revenge at home and seal the series with a win and if not they go home with a disappointed feeling in their stomach.

IT said game 7 is where legends are born so let’s see if anybody’s legacy is born here. Will it be John Wall or will it be IT carrying the Celts to the Cavs. A lot of different things can happen in this game tonight because it is game 7. Playoff life is on the line so both teams will be searching for every little boost or point they can get, so expect a tough game from both teams. I think that if the Celtics lose then it is a failure on the whole teams part. They are the number one seed and they should make it to the ECF. In the past few years the NBA has not seen a seed outside 1 or 2 in the conference finals so it will be a failure if they lose this one tonight. It’s a big game so the big names should show up and if IT wants to be treated like a star and get paid the big bucks then he has to show up tonight and if he doesn’t then the Celts have something to think about. The lottery is tomorrow and when those balls hopefully bounce their way they got to think who they will build this team around. So this game is big for the present and the future.


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