Nothing says Welcome to the NFL like being robbed at Gunpoint

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Patrick Mahomes, the gun-slinging (pun intended) 10th overall pick from this years draft was robbed at gunpoint by two grown men on Friday according to KLTV. Mahomes and 3 other dudes got out of the vehicle in a driveway and were held up by two men, Michael Pinkerton (34) and Billy Johnson (58). Nobody was harmed but one of the men gestured as if he had a gun. Mahomes and the men were instructed to hand over the property from the vehicle. Both men have been arrested and the property was returned to Mahomes and his friends. Nobody was injured and the investigation as to why this happened is still on-going at this time.

Isn’t this just wonderful? You get picked 10th overall, you’re probably going to Alex Moran your way through the whole season, and you’re on your way to a nice little paycheck all at the age of 21 years old. So whatever you and your buddies go out on a Friday night and all of a sudden some guy tracks you down to your driveway and lets you step out of the vehicle before demanding all you own. Not sure what valuables my car can offer the guys, maybe step inside my house if you wanted something a little nicer, cause all I can offer you is my phone, wallet, and a wooden baseball bat which I’m going to potentially be using on you very shortly.

Luckily he was unharmed, but this is one hell of a rookie welcoming to the NFL, lets just hope he doesn’t smoke weed, but domestic violence is a slap on the wrist, thanks Goodell, great prioritizing.


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