Unlikely hero for game 7 W

The Celtics needed this win and going into the game nobody knew what was going to happen. Whether Al Horford, IT, John Wall or Bradley Beal was going to carry one of their teams to the victory. Well these guys got caught in the shadow of a man bun. Kelly Olynyk was an absolute beast the whole game. In the first half he quietly scored 12 points but the second half is where he really flourished. He ended with 26 points with 5 boards. It wasn’t just him though. The Celtics bench was great. The Wizards only had only 5 benchs points through the game while the Celtics bench scored 40 plus. Most of that came from Kelly. As 3 after 3 rained down from him the Garden started to chant KELLY! KELLY! KELLY! Now it wasn’t just Olynyk who scored for the Celtics because IT had himself a pretty good game. He tallied 29 points but that happened kind of quietly because the show was stole by Kelly. But one man had something to say about the Wizards losing. Bradley Beal had 38 points. He tried to keep them in it but the duo of Oynyk and IT was too nice. Kelly was dealdly from deep when IT got him the open space.

Now the Celtics hope to carry this momentum into the Cavs series and it looks kind of tough for them right now. The Cavs haven’t lost a game and with  Lebron playing like this right now I don’t know who can stop him. Hopefully somebody can step up to guard him because he looks unbeatable. If the Celts do win a game or to because that can help them draw in free agents. It can help because it can show Paul George or somebody like that, that they are only one star away from winning it all. This next series coming up is huge and the fact that they are starting at home is even bigger. So instead of starting on the road in Cleveland and possibly going home down 0-2 they can start at home and maybe get a W. The future looks bright for the Celtic but they don’t have the pieces to beat Lebron just yet.


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