Why Lonzo Ball to the Lakers is a lock

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Lonzo Ball, a consensus top 5 pick in the upcoming NBA Draft. Lavar Ball, the father who just can’t seem to shut his mouth.  However Lavar said he wants Lonzo to go to the Lakers, it would keep him close to home as they live in Chino Hills, and he has played basketball there his whole life. This makes a lot of sense and how I see it, Lonzo to LA is a sure lock.

First of all, let me preface this by saying I’m not 100% sure the NBA lottery is rigged, but the “proof is in the pudding” as they say, so try to keep that in mind during this “hot take.”

Example: After Jordan left the Bulls, they had little success and were desperately in need of a superstar. In 2008 the Bulls had a 1.7% chance to land the first overall pick, but they did and they were able to acquire hometown hero, Derrick Rose. To say that a big market team like the Lakers would have the draft lottery “rigged” in a similar fashion to help the NBA create revenue, is not that outlandish of a statement. In fact, I think a team like the Celtics is not really a worry of the NBA, yeah they get a top 4 pick, but they’re already a big market team that is winning so who gives a shit.

Magic Johnson already said he could care less about Lavar and would draft Lonzo for the player. With Markelle Fultz most likely going #1 overall to whomever gets the pick outside of the Lakers, the potential for Lonzo to fall right into their lap is a definite possibility.

So your next question may be, what about D’Angelo Russell and the guard situation in La La Land?

Insert Paul George, an NBA Superstar who has stated his interest in playing for the Lakers and they may be one of the few teams who can actually put together a package to swindle the Pacers into giving him up, which should happen. If you want to see how the players portion of the deal maps out click here.

Russell and Clarkson and most likely a future first rounder  or two to gain the services of Paul George. This helps Indiana actually as well cause they either trade George or he is going to walk for nothing, he is fed up with the Pacers organization.

With all of this mapped out for the Lakers, this is the kind of off-season to put them back into contention out West, or at least a better starting point, which is actually what the money making organization known as the NBA would want.



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