Kelly Olynyk is Still Average…At Best

Don’t get me wrong, last night I was as happy as anyone when Olynyk was on fire near the end of the game. Hell, I’ll even admit that without Kelly’s performance we probably would have lost that game. But Boston, let’s calm the fuck down. Kelly Olynyk is still not that good.

It seems every time I want to write off Olynyk and call for a trade or release, he has a game like this where he can’t seem to miss. My question to Kelly is, Why can’t you do that all season, or at least more than once every twelve games. It’s simply amazing how you can come off the bench and drop 25, and then the next game play like a 3rd grade girl travel basketball player. In my opinion, he might be the most inconsistent player in the league and that might be because I watch him play almost every night but still..


Also, Am I the only one pissed about the fact that Kelly Fucking Oubre knocked Olynyk over like that? Bro you are 7 feet tall, hold your fucking ground and quit being a pussy. I would give $300 to Kelly Oubre if he could knock me down like that and I’m half his size. He made it seem like he got ran over by a Coke Machine for crying out loud.

I, for one, cannot wait until some mediocre team like Portland or Charlotte overpays Olynyk this summer. I just hope Danny Ainge isn’t stupid enough to match any gigantic offer. With that being said CELTICS IN 7!


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