Too early for a verdict on Dombrowski 

Dave Dombrowski has made an immediate impact on the Boston Red Sox organization. Remember the names Yohan Moncada, Michael Kopech, Travis Shaw and Anderson Espinoza? Those four young players (amoung many others) are on the list of players who are not yet in their prime that Dombrowski has traded out of the Red Sox organization. Sure that doesn’t sound great to hear for a Sox fan. He also has the David Price signing on his resume a move that seems like it could get ugly quickly.  Although Dombrowskis trades and signings have all had much scrutiny, it is far too early to judge the man in charge.
Sox fans who like to make Dombrowski out to be a bad decision maker have to realize that all his major trades including top prospects have come during very recent years. Three of the players mentioned above have little to no experience in the majors. Bust top prospects being busts happen all the time and when a contending team can acquire an ace like Chris Sale who literally changes every game he’s in can’t be viewed as a negative move. Most Sox fans will find it hard to argue against Dombrowski pulling the trigger on what could end up being a win win for both teams. Remember, Sale still has two years of a team friendly contract after this season.

Although the Travis Shaw trade doesn’t look good now in early May, that doesn’t tarnish Dombrowskis resume. Shaw is currently hitting .283 with 8 home runs which looks great compared to Tyler Thornburgs 0 games appeared in. But the Red Sox have a clear need in the bullpen that Thornburg may be able to fill when he returns. If this happens the Sox could end up being clear winners of the trade considering the Brewers are in a clear rebuild.

The Drew Pomeranz trade is the one that kills Dombrowski the most in the eyes of Bosox fans. He traded a top prospect for Pomeranz when the Sox had a need for a pitcher on a contending team last year. But when the Padres failed to reveal information about Pomeranzs injury conditions, Dombrowski elected not to send Pomeranz back to San Diego. Since then he has struggled to be successful in Boston and although it is too early to tell things aren’t looking in Dombrowskis favor if Espinosa can be a somewhat successful major leaguer.

Finally, the beloved (too soon?) David Price. Everyone knows the type of up and down season that Price has in his first year last year, and the injury that has occurred in the current season. Although his first year was rough in Boston, one year does not detirmine a player to be a boom or a bust. Price can win all of Boston back if he can pitch well for the Red Sox in the playoffs. Although it may be forgotten, Price had a very strong second half to the year last year and was essential in helping the Sox to the playoffs.

So sure he hasn’t been perfect. But what decision maker is perfect? Sure Theo Epsteins success with the Cubs stings a little bit but let’s give Dombrowski some time. Sox fans really don’t have a choice in this case because judging someone too is a mistake made far too often (see John Lackey). So when forming an opinion on the Sox president of baseball operations, make sure you realize that it’s early in his tenure and baseball is a long game.


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