Why the Cavs don’t scare me

Kelly Olynk is a savior. He carried the Celtics to a game 7 win and dropped 26 and had the fans behind him the whole time. John Wall and company go back to Washington after a 115-105 loss to Boston. Now, Boston will play Cleveland in the Eastern Conference Finals starting Wednesday, and I’m not worried in the slightest.

If you’ve read any of my previous NBA articles, chances are I’ve talked about Lebron and his Charmin UltraSoft ways. The flops are ridiculous, and him getting away with it is even more. The NBA basically just turns a blind eye to everything he does. Up until this point in his career, no one has found a true answer on how to stop him for 7 games. There are no Lebron Rules and that’s okay. Give Lebron 30, we’ll stop the Cavs other ways.

The Celtics and Cavs played four games in the regular season and while the Cavs took the series 3-1, two of those wins were less than 10 points. In my mind, that means the Celtics can win those games. Those games were three possession games, so I’m confident in those three shots dropping in this series. Then the bandwagoners are already saying “Lebron’s not gonna let those shots get off, he’s a different beast in the playoffs.” I don’t want to hear any of that bullshit. Lebron is a different player in the playoffs, but the whole Celtics roster has gotten better as soon as the playoffs started. This team has gelled as the season has progressed and now they’ve hit their stride. Al Horford has finally found the right piece for himself in the offense. Isaiah doesn’t have all the pressure to score. Our guards are knocking down jumpers consistently and our bench play is stepping up (another Olynk Clinic, game 2. Just wait on it). As for the offense, the Celtics can match up to the Cavs and play them even.

The Celtics are the best team defense team left in the playoffs. The rotate quicker than I’ve seen anyone else, they help more often than not, and no one is afraid to throw their body around and take a charge. They’re a team that runs on grit. No one has played the Cavs physical yet and that’s what the Celtics need to do. Physicality will win them this series. Kyrie Irving won’t want to get hit. To cover him, I would use a mix of Marcus Smart and Avery Bradley, Smart to frustrate him and Bradley to play solid on-ball defense so is unable to shake and bake like he wants to. Kevin Love is an easy cover. His decline has come so quick that it’s almost sad to see. He should’ve never left Minnesota. We can Kelly Olynk on him and let them duke it out. Yes, Kelly Olynk. His game 7 performance should give him a starting spot in this series because frankly, they have no one else to start. Amir Johnson is as good as gone and Gerald Green is too inconsistent for me. Kelly can lock Love up because in this decline, Love has become a lot softer and he is shooting three’s at a clip he never has in his career. Lebron is the only thing. Jae Crowder and Jaylen Brown can cover him and let him get his points, but they’re going to have to get their second option somewhere else besides Irving and Love.

The Celtics fans know what’s at stake and we’re ready. Celtics FANS. I can probably name more 90’s Cavs players than most Cavs “fans.” That’s another factor. The Celtic faithful has been waiting on this, and they won’t waste this opportunity to shower the team they love 4 more times. I am more than confident that the Celtics have a chance to win this series, and when they do, maybe then Mia Khalifa will stop bitching about them “getting lucky” beating the Wizards.

Isaac Fox



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