Ya gotta be kiddin’ me!​

Just 37 games into the 2017 MLB season the New York Mets have not looked particularly good at all. Posting an embarrassing 16-21 record all Mets fans are wondering what is going on?

The Mets were supposed to be top dogs in the MLB with their superstar rotation and the lineup led by Yoennis Cespedes. Well, 37 games in a lot have changed, the Mets have seemingly had more injuries to their stars than anyone else, the biggest name being Noah Syndergaard, their ace, Cespedes is also hurt as well as their captain David Wright. Starting catcher Travis d’Arnaud is also injured as well as all-star closer Jeurys Familia, followed by their latest injury to starting shortstop Asdrubal Cabrera who hit the 10-day DL today with a recurring thumb injury.

With all these injuries it seems like the Mets are sinking fast with nothing to save them even though they have plenty of top prospects in the minors who are absolutely on fire like Dominic Smith and Amed Rosario, however, their callups haven’t come yet and likely will not until September first with the expanded rosters.

As I mentioned the injuries have absolutely destroyed the Mets’ lineup and their rotation, and those few fortunate players who haven’t hit the DL yet haven’t been all that good. You may be wondering how its possible so many star players could be hurt at the same and that is a good question, the answer is relatively simple as well; Ray Ramirez their head medical trainer, the man couldn’t diagnose a missing limb. I’ll use Cabrera’s injury as an example being it is the simplest and most recent.

Cabrera sprained his thumb a few weeks ago attempting to make a diving stop, it was clear to me, a fan, watching on tv that it was sprained, and he would need at least a week to gauge whether it was serious or not, but of course Asdrubal was out there at short, playing just four days later where he would later reinjure is thumb again and has not landed on the DL with a sprained thumb and a possible torn ligament, this is not good at all, there need to be changes made in the clubhouse staff. Ray Ramirez needs to be fired and a statement has to be made.

Cabrera is not the only example of being put in a position to be hurt, Syndergaard who has suffered a torn lat muscle also battled an injury and later would worsen his condition, granted he did miss ten days off the mound, refused an MRI and was throwing 101 against the Nationals when he got hurt but there needs to be more enforcement of rules with your all-star aces in my opinion, and you can avoid having long term injuries.

On top of all of those issues, the Mets can’t seem to wrangle up their players, Matt Harvey who is returning from thoracic outlet surgery has not faired well in a comeback season, posting a 2-3 season with an ugly 5.63 ERA he cannot avoid his own problems, as most people probably know Harvey was partying on Cinco de Mayo and then followed up with a hungover round of golf which resulted in a migraine that caused him to miss Saturday night’s game, which is a violation of team rules.

Harvey was subsequently suspended 3 games including a scheduled start, in which Adam Wilk who is already no longer with the Mets, gave a weak spot start, the Mets were clobbered in this game which they lost 7-0 to the Marlins.

The Mets need Harvey back in form, while they’ll never get 2013 all-star Matt Harvey back it seems 2015 World Series contender Matt Harvey will suffice. “The Dark Knight” needs to stop acting like a party animal, sad about his ex-girl or not and start acting like a member of this team, who are five games under .500 and have no easy task tonight against Zack Greinke of the Diamondbacks who carried a no-no into the 8th inning in his last start.

The Mets are not too far gone in my opinion but they will be soon if they don’t come together as a team and start winning games, they signed Neil Ramirez an RHP relief pitcher who was DFA’d by the Giants earlier this season.


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