As Slim Shady says “Back to Reality” for the Celtics…

After Boston was overcome with excitement after a Game 7 win at the Garden to advance to the Eastern Conference Finals, we have now been overcome with disappointment and a certain realization. The Celtics aren’t good enough yet and that’s coming from the most biased and biggest Boston fan there is.

At the hands of a 117-104 loss to the Cavs at home, I came to the certain realization that the Celtics just aren’t good enough yet. Take away Isaiah Thomas and there is really no one else that can consistently score day in and day out and teams have figured that out and play the Celtics accordingly. Sure there will be nights where guys like Avery Bradley or Kelly Olynyk will score 20+ but you can’t count on that for the majority of the games. So what do teams do? They double IT and that takes away any advantage Boston really has because he is the only legitimate scorer on that team.

Am I happy that the Celtics made it to the Eastern Conference Finals? Yes, bet your ass I am and I still even think there is a slim chance for Boston in this series. But let’s face it. The Cavs are simply better and have more weapons. The Cavs have 3 guys that they can consistently count on to get buckets and we saw that tonight. Kevin Love had 32, Lebron had 38 and Kyrie had 20. Boston on the other hand only had to guys over 20 points and neither of them were IT. Jae Crowder had 21 and Avery Bradley had 21. Isaiah Thomas only finished with 17 and to put it nicely, that isn’t going to get the job done.

If the Celtics were to have any chance, IT needs to score 25+ and role players like Jae Crowder, Avery Bradley and Al Horford have to score AT LEAST 20 points a game. I just don’t see that happening every night. Cleveland has too much size and too many weapons for Boston to overcome. The Celtics need one more weapon.

Even though this reality check is hard to swallow for some, the bright side is Boston can literally get any superstar they want with the Draft picks they have to get that one missing piece (preferably a scorer) that they need. Boston has a very bright future but as of now, they just aren’t going to get past the Cavs sadly.

Even with all that said, Lebron is still a bitch and Cleveland still sucks. I’m holding out hope that I will be wrong in all of this and the Celtics will advance to the finals but don’t hold your breath. Lastly, FUCK THE CAVS AND GO CELTICS!


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