Celts Cavs Keys

King James, duh.

The Cavs raw starpower is a tall order to meet for the Celtics, and it is easy to see why the Cavs are universal favorites in this series despite the Celtics being the highest seed.

The Celtics have to rely on there grit and depth if they even want the slimmest chance of making it to the finals.

Guarding the King should no doubt be the biggest concern. Our best shot at neutralizing him is by switching off between Crowder and Smart as his primary defenders, preferably Smart, his scrapiness could prove useful in guarding the best player on the planet.

If the Celtics want a chance, not only does Isaiah have to ball out, but so does the supporting cast. Horford has to continue his play, Bradley needs to play like he did in games 5 and 6 of the Washington series, Smart needs to play smart (get it) and make good decisions with the ball while continually making the hustle plays he is known for.

The bench also needs to perform. Kelly has to be aggressive as he played in game 7 (maybe not score 26 again but you get the idea) and Jaylen Brown has to put in quality minutes and be a spark off the bench by using his athleticism to make plays.

For the Celtics to pull off this upset all these things need to be clicking at once.

The Celtics are riding the high horse right now, coming off of a resounding game 7 victory and winning the draft lottery and receiving the #1 pick in this years draft. Team moral his high and that could be a big factor for game 1 of this Cavs series.

I do believe the Celtics will put up a good fight against the Cavs. However, the firepower to match up with the King and is squad just isn’t enough. I think the Cavs take this series in 6. The Celtics should in no way see that as a disappointment, showing competitve play against the best team in the east is nothing to be ashamed of.


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