The Yankees will fade, and the Red Sox will rise!

Sure, 36 games into 2017 and the Yankees are in first place, and any Yankee fan is ecstatic, as they should be.  But hold on for the fans who are coming out of hiding, the Yankees haven’t been relevant in the division since 2012, which is the last time they won the AL East, and this year won’t be any different.

No matter my bias opinion being a Red Sox fan, I will be the first to state that the Yankees have gotten better, and it has been a fairly quick flip of the switch type revival.  In a previous article I stated how the Yankees traded established relief pitchers for young prospects to revamp their terrible farm system.  Now with those actions, they have one of the best prospect pools in the game.  Not to mention they retained Aroldis Chapman ( currently on the DL).

The Red Sox have played horrible to start the season by their standards, and their fans.  Yet after 36 or so games, we are only 4 games out of first in the division.  David Price is “hopefuly” close to returning to form after his injury ( on the DL since day 1) but other than strong pitching from Eduardo Rodriguez, the Red Sox only seem to be getting a win every five days, when Chris Sale pitches(barring he receives at least more than 2 runs)!

Back to the Yankees.  Their starting pitching still has many question marks, and many teams do at this point early in the season.  Mashiro Tanaka recently got shelled for 8 runs against arguably the best team in baseball, the Houston Astros.  C.C. Sabathia, yes had a good start as recently as Tuesday, but does anyone expect him to continue to be consistent.  We shall see.

Call it false hope if you will coming from Red Sox Nation, but the Yankees will fade into the middle of the pack as they have for the past few seasons , and the Boston Red Sox will rise. ( I hope)



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